Step-by-step recipes for puff pastry strudel - quick version. Sweet and snack puff strudel

Step-by-step recipes for puff pastry strudel - quick version. Sweet and snack puff strudel

Strudel is a popular Austrian pie, which has become the hallmark of many restaurants and cafes. Prepared from the rolled dough, prepared by exhaust method. To make such a basis for the pie at home, you need to have a special skill, skill and dexterity. Fresh layered dough can quite replace the exhaust that is traditionally used for such a pie.

It is not necessary to cook the puff pastry by yourself. It is enough to buy frozen semi-finished product, it is good to thaw it, roll it to the desired thickness and wrap the stuffing, and what it will be - you decide.

In the selection is described step by step how to make a puff pastry strudel with the most popular apple stuffing, minced meat and a snack version of the pie with spinach.

General principles for making puff strudel (step by step)

• The fillings for such a cake can be very different. Classics are apples stewed with nuts and raisins, and meat is made from minced meat. There are snack strudel puff pastry, step-by-step recipe of one of them is included in our selection. You can experiment with the fillings, the strudel is prepared with pears, cherries, cottage cheese, which is mixed with canned fruit. The core of such a cake, its base, is a thin, crispy dough.

• Puff pastry is of two types: yeast and unleavened. Yeast prefabricated for strudel is undesirable. Even being thinly rolled, such a dough after baking does not lose its splendor, although the housewives prefer exactly yeast semi-finished product. Independent production of puff pastry is not excluded, especially since there are many quick recipes.

• Most often, the cake is formed in the form of a roll, but this applies only to light fillings, minced meat and other weighty fillings are wrapped in dough on the principle of an envelope. The reason for this is thinly rolled seams that are easy to break through when folding. The surface of the formed strudel is punctured evenly, if this is not done, the steam formed during baking inside the cake will break a thin layer of dough. • A baking tray before baking the cake is lined with parchment. Paper does not require additional oiling, there is enough fat in the dough, which will prevent sticking. Like any pastry, strudel is placed only in a heated oven. The optimum temperature is 180 degrees, and the duration is not more than 30 minutes and depends on the type of filling.

• Slightly cooled sweet strudel is usually made with powdered sugar, and served with a scoop of ice cream. Meat and snack pie options do not require additions.

Puff pastry apple strudel: a step-by-step recipe with nuts and raisins

Step-by-step recipe for puff pastry strudel - “Apple classics”. Sliced ​​apples are stewed in sugar syrup, and emphasize the taste, complementing the filling with nuts and raisins. Cinnamon is used as a flavoring.


• kilogram of sweet and sour apples;

• kilogram packing of puff semi-finished product (yeast);

• a glass of walnut kernels;

• half a pack of “Peasant” oil;

• half a cup of sugar;

• 70 gr. white breading (finely ground crackers);

• cinnamon powder - to taste;

• 100 gr. raisins.

Cooking Method:

1. Having removed the dough packing from the freezer, leave it on the table. As you thaw, be sure to unfold - turn down the upper soft layers to the sides. To the dough does not stick to the table, under it you can lay a clean towel.

2. The puff pastry is slowly thawed, and we are preparing apple stuffing. We sprinkle raisins on the table, choose litter and spoiled berries. Scald with boiling water, leave for ten minutes in warm water, and then re-wash. Squeeze out excess water, throwing the raisins on a sieve.

3. We wash the apples, remove the peel from the fruit with a thin layer and remove the core. Cut halves of apples into thin slices.

4. Interrupt the nuts with a blender into a large crumb. You can chop nuts and a knife.

5. Put on a medium-deep fire, deep frying pan, lay out about 70 grams of butter. Pour sugar into melted butter, mix it thoroughly, melt it too. Put the apples into the syrup, add the cinnamon powder. Stirring occasionally, stew for seven minutes, without covering with a lid - the moisture should evaporate. Add to the apples raisins and nuts, stirring, continue to simmer until complete evaporation of moisture. We shift the finished apple filling in a deep plate, cool. 6. Thawed dough is rolled into a thin layer and cut in half. Sprinkle one part with half of cooked crackers and level some of the filling on it, roll it into a loose roll. In the same way we proceed with the second part of the test and the remaining filling. Do not forget about the breading, this is done to ensure that the juice does not flow out of the cake, and absorbed into the crackers.

7. Cover the baking sheet with parchment and carefully transfer the prepared rolls onto it. We lay the future strudel with the seam down and necessarily pierce the surface with a sharp torch in several places. Place the brazier in the heated oven, setting at an average level, and prepare the strudel for half an hour. The surface of the hot cake grease the remaining butter.

Puff Pastry Meat Strudel: A Step-by-Step Recipe for a Popular Austrian Pie with Stuffing

Step-by-step recipe for delicious puff strudel with minced meat. The cake is quite simple, and will decorate not only the everyday, but also the festive tea party. Facilitates the task of using puff semi-finished product, and minced meat can also be purchased.


• puff yeastless semi-finished product - 300 gr .;

• 400 grams of pork and beef mince;

• two slices of white bread - 100 gr .;

• 40 ml of vegetable oil;

• spoon of burnt soda;

• garlic;

• a tablespoon of spicy homemade mustard;

• three pinches of pepper;

• two bulbs;

• a quarter of a spoon of ground savory.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the meat stuffing for strudel. Remove the crusts from the bread slices, cut the crumbs into large cubes, fold them into a bowl and fill with water for a quarter of an hour.

2. Peel two cloves of garlic, remove the husks from the onion. Melenko minced garlic and onions. Mixing, spread on the pan with vegetable oil, put on a small fire. Stirring, pass over the lid to a pleasant golden hue, transfer it to the bowl and cool completely.

3. If you cook the stuffing yourself, take 200 grams of fatty pork and beef pulp. Wash the meat well with water, cut into large pieces and twist in a meat grinder twice. Shredded meat thoroughly mixed, purchased semi-finished product, for reliability, is also worth grind. 4. Soak the crumb soaked in water, squeeze well and crush your hands into a bowl of minced meat. Add the cooled onion sauté, mix, sprinkle with salt, savory and ground pepper. Pour the egg, put the mustard and mix thoroughly.

5. The thawed dough is rolled out with a rectangular layer, about 3 mm thick. The dough is thin, the filling is heavy, the walls of the cake can be damaged when moved to the pan. It is better to roll out the puff pastry and form the cake immediately on parchment.

6. Next to the rolled layer we spread out the food film and spread the mince on it. We form a strip from the meat mass, the dimensions are calculated so that it can be wrapped in dough as in an envelope.

7. Having lifted the film with minced meat, gently shift the filling to the layer, retreating two centimeters from the edge. First we wrap the sides of the rectangle on it, then cover with the remaining free dough and tightly pinch the side seam.

8. Without lifting, we pry parchment with the future strudel on the brazier. Evenly pierce its surface with a fork, after which we well lubricate the cake with a beaten egg.

9. Putting the baking sheet in the already hot oven, bake the meat strudel until a uniform golden blush, about 30 minutes.

Puff Pastry Strudel: A Step-by-Step Recipe for Snack Pie

Step by step recipe snack piece of puff pastry. The original filling consists of an omelet with spinach leaves mixed with tomatoes and fried bacon. To make all the components of the filling well bonded to each other, hard, easily melted cheese is added. Served strudel after complete cooling, cut into portions.


• twelve large eggs;

• half a cup of fatty mayonnaise;

• 150 gr. fresh spinach;

• garlic;

• a pound of fresh, chopped bacon;

• 200 grams of cheese, “Russian” or similar variety;

• two large fleshy tomatoes;

• 300 gr. puff pastry.

Cooking Method:

1. It will take a large bowl. We break into her eleven eggs, pierce the yolks with any other sharp object of the shell. Stir eggs with a whisk until smooth. Add mayonnaise, stir well and temporarily set aside the mixture. 2. Washing spinach, cut off dense stems under the leaves. Well dried towel, cut the leaves into strips. We clean two large cloves of garlic, chop, pushing through a press, or with a small knife.

3. We put the tomatoes for two minutes in boiling water, then cool them with cold water and remove the skin from them. We cut tomatoes in centimeter cubes, coarsely rub cheese.

4. Cut the bacon strips into small square pieces, spread them into a frying pan and, without closing the lid, grill over medium heat. It is important not to overdry, we need to melt some fat and only slightly brown the slices. After placing the fried bacon on a paper towel, cool.

5. Put spinach and garlic in the pan with the melted fat. Simmer on moderate heat, about 2 minutes, until the filling noticeably decreases in volume. Pour egg mixture on top of it, fry, stirring, over low heat. Once the eggs are well grabbed, but not yet fried, until ready, remove the pan from the stove and immediately transfer its contents to the bowl. Add tomatoes, chopped cheese, bacon bits and mix well. Leave the stuffing to cool.

6. Turn on the oven, bring the heat to 180 degrees. Baking pan with a large sheet of parchment paper.

7. Roll out the previously thawed dough on a floured surface, two thin layers should come out with sides of 25 * 30 cm. Spread the filling over them so that it does not reach the edges by one and a half centimeters. Rolling two thick rolls, well pinch all the seams, and gently transfer them to the baking sheet.

8. Lubricate the surface of the strudel with a beaten egg and evenly pierce it with a fork. Place the roaster in the oven, bake for half an hour.

9. After cooling down, cut the strudel into portions and gently, in the form of a fan, lay out on a dish.

Tricks of making puff pastry strudel using step-by-step recipes

• The formation of the strudel in the form of an envelope or roll is a classic, but not a dogma. The original solution will be the design of the pie in the form of a pigtail. Roll the dough into a rectangular layer, put the stuffing in the center of the dough, make sure to put the breadcrumbs under the fruit. From the filling to the sides, cut the dough diagonally with stripes with a round figured knife. Then, taking the strips alternately on one side and then on the other side, put them overlapping the filling. • To make a strudel well brown, it can be lubricated not only with a beaten egg. For this purpose, suitable and melted butter, taken separately proteins or yolks.

• For simplicity, a puff pastry strudel for any step-by-step recipe can also be made into the usual pie. Simply place the filling between the two layers of thinly rolled dough and fasten the seams tightly. Do not forget to pierce the surface of the strudel to ensure steam escapes.

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