Cake "Winter" - beautiful, festive, original! Simple homemade cake recipes "Winter" with cream, chocolate, sour cream


The snow motifs in the design of the dessert gave him a cold but tempting name. No, these are not ice-cream cakes, although, having appreciated the common features of such desserts, one can make a similar delicacy.

The beauty of “Winter” is that this kind of decor can be used with almost any cake and cream compositions.

Cake “Winter” - principles of homemade dessert preparation

Cake "Winter" is not any special dessert, such as, for example, the "Kiev" cake or the soufflé "Bird's milk", when making which you need to follow certain rules. This cake can be made from any kind of cake layers, the main feature is the design and cream.

The cake cakes and the dessert itself are covered exclusively with white cream. These cream masses are made from sour cream, cream cheese, butter. Often in the cake there are nuts, fruits, meringues.

Products for such cakes are needed only the highest grade and only the first freshness. No components should contain flavorings, except, perhaps, chocolate. If, in your opinion, the recipe allows for the presence of chopped hazelnuts in the chocolate mass, you can afford such liberty.

Winter cake with cream and chocolate cream


fresh eggs - two things;

220 grams of the highest quality flour;

thirty grams of butter, 72 percent oil;

spoon of baking powder;

120 gr. Sahara;

240 gram cream cheese tray;

one and a half glasses of fat cream;

white coconut flakes - 120 g;

two hundred grams of 20 percent non-acidic sour cream;

white chocolate (not porous) - 160 g;

80 gr. whole condensed milk.


Melt the butter. To do this, we cut it, put it in a small saucepan and put it on the very minimum heat. As soon as a part of the oil is melted, we start stirring - this will allow melting the fat without boiling down.

Add chilled butter to the dough. In order not to waste too much time, we will put the saucepan with melted fat in a wider container filled with cold water, so the oil will cool much faster than just at room temperature. We break into a separate bowl of eggs. Add a pinch of fine salt and all the sugar, whip until fluffy.

Pour the cooled oil to the egg mass. Stir until smooth, cross the flour and sprinkle it on top of the ripper. Mix at first with a spoon, then with your hands.

in a ball, wrap the slightly sticky dough with cling film and place in the fridge for about two hours. To speed up the process, you can use the freezer, in it you need to withstand a little less than an hour until it becomes dense.

Prepare the decor. We melt a smaller part of white chocolate in a water bath and cool it slightly. Pouring into the pastry bag, through a thin hole squeeze the chocolate mass on the parchment, patterned in the form of large snowflakes. Gently move the sheet in the fridge so that the chocolate froze.

After cooling, lay out the dough on a flouted plane, divide it into eight equal parts, roll it with balls.

Pouring flour, roll out pieces of dough in circles, with a diameter of a little more than 18 cm.

Putting two blanks on a large pan greased with butter, bake for seven minutes at 180 degrees.

Without removing from the baking sheet, we apply a plate or a form with a diameter of exactly 18 cm to the hot cake layers, and encircling it with a sharp knife, cut off the excess.

The rest, broken into pieces of white chocolate, we put in a small bowl and put it in a water bath. After the chocolate “flows”, we add 80 milliliters of cream and, continuing the warm-up, by continuous stirring bring to homogeneity.

Cream cheese combine with sour cream in a deep, enamel bowl. Beat with a mixer or a whisk until fluffy, then with a spatula, stir in the suspended chocolate mass, and after it another 80 grams of coconut chips.

In a separate bowl magnificently whip the remaining cream. Combine creamy and chocolate-coconut mass, mix thoroughly. After removing the sample from the cream, adjust the sweetness with condensed milk, stirring it in a spoon.

We cover the serving dish with two sheets of parchment. We set the paper so that in the center of the dish one sheet only slightly covers the other.

We spread the first, well-cooled cake and thickly grease it with butter cream. From above we lay another blank, slightly pressing it, we also lubricate it well with cream. By this principle we form the whole cake, after which we line up the sidewalls with the remnants of the cream mass and cover the surface. We attach chocolate snowflakes to the sides with cream and sprinkle coconut chips on the sides, imitating snow. Gently pull out the parchment from under the dessert and give it four hours for impregnation.

Cake “Winter” with creamy sour cream of soft shortcrust pastry


two eggs;

350 gr. quality margarine;

two small sachets of vanilla sugar;

spoon of apple cider vinegar;

five spoons of sugar in syrup;

baking powder factory, for the test - 1 tsp;

three and a half cups of flour and two - fat sour cream;

60 gr. coconut shavings (white);

powdered sugar - a full glass.

Remove the margarine from the refrigerator beforehand, for the dough you need a well-softened fat.


Sift all the flour with a rare sieve into a wide bowl. Sprinkle with baking powder and vanilla sugar, mix. Break eggs into flour, lay out sliced ​​margarine, pour vinegar, knead. We cut homogeneous dough into three equilibrium parts.

Lubricate the sides and bottom of a round shape with oil. Turn on the oven to warm up.

We flatten one of the pieces of dough into a cake, put it into shape. Pressing and slightly stretching with your fingers from the middle to the edges, we form a cake.

Place the dough into the oven, bake, setting the temperature at 180 degrees, until a uniform golden color, about twenty minutes. In the same way we prepare the second cake for the cake.

We cover a large baking sheet with parchment. We spread on it, the remaining dough formed by small balls, bake until rosy and them.

Cooking cream. Combine the cream with sour cream and, whipping with a mixer, gradually pour the icing sugar into the mass. Stop beating as soon as a fluffy mass is formed.

The cakes are dry, and so that the cream is well absorbed, they need to be soaked with syrup. Pour half a glass of water into the pan, add five teaspoons of sugar, bring to a boil. While stirring, boil over low heat until a clear syrup is obtained. Cooling down.

Pouring from the spoon, soak the bottom cake soaked into the dish with syrup and immediately lubricate it with cream. We put the second blank on top, lightly press it with palms. We also soak in syrup, after which we generously lubricate this cake with cream. Baked “balls” are dipped in syrup and immediately laid out on the top layer of cream. Apply to each a little cream mass and smear well, leaving no gaps.

With leftovers from the cream align the sides of the molded dessert. Sprinkle with white coconut flakes and place for two hours in the cold.

Cake “Winter” without baking with cottage cheese cream (from cookies)


Cookies with the addition of cocoa, for example Oreo - 300 gr.

a glass and two more spoons of 20 percent sour cream;

half a cup of sugar;

a spoonful of gelatin granules;

drinking water - 75 g .;

one and a half tablespoons cocoa without sugar (powder);

a quarter kilogram of dry cottage cheese.

coconut shavings.


Soak gelatin. Fill the granules with cool water and wait a quarter of an hour. Then put in a water bath and, with constant uniform stirring, warm up until complete dissolution. Cool, filter the gelatinous mass through a sieve.

Grind cottage cheese through a sieve, add sour cream and sugar mixed with cocoa. Beat with a mixer until fluffy smooth. Pour in cooled gelatin and mix everything thoroughly, you can whip again, but not for long.

We cover the small form with baking paper; the food film is also suitable for this purpose. We put the cookies on the bottom, if we took a round one - fill the voids, breaking several things.

Fill in the third part of the prepared curd mass and lay out another layer of biscuits on top. Alternate the layers twice more, the last one should be cream.

Tightening the shape of the film, remove for two hours in the refrigerator. During this time, the cream is well absorbed into the cookie and will have time to harden.

Gently lifting the edges of the film (paper), remove the cake from the mold and gently shift it to the dish.

We make, imitating snow coconut flakes. When using powder instead, scatter the sweet powder onto the surface of the cake through a sieve.

Sponge cake “Winter” with meringue jam


For the test:

five eggs;

four tablespoons of flour and one - sugar;

a quarter of a pack of "Peasant" oil;

walnuts, split - 150 gr.

For meringues:

a glass of fine sugar;

a small bag of vanilla powder crystals;

four squirrels; spoon of dry starch.


strawberry or raspberry jam.


We pour nuts into a dry frying pan and lightly dry them over low heat. Cool, grind with a knife or interrupt with a blender.

Combining eggs with sugar in a small bowl, begin to beat at the minimum capacity of the mixer or manually with a whisk. Having received a practically homogeneous, slightly foaming mass, we place the bowl in a water bath and, while heating, continue to beat continuously until it becomes fluffy.

In a slightly cooled egg mass, we put some nut chips and flour. Pour in the melted and well-cooled oil, mix gently.

Put the dough in the oiled form and set to bake. Cooking sponge cake by placing in a well-heated oven, about half an hour, until dry matches.

After cooling, the finished cake is cut into two parts, richly lubricated with jam on all sides and put together on the platter.

Chilled whites whip until fluffy. Gradually pour sugar and do not stop working with a mixer until we achieve complete dissolution of the grains. At the end, in a thick protein mass, mix in vanilla with starch.

We spread protein mass on the cake, spread it out with a wide spatula over the surface and sides. We give the cake to stand in the cold for half an hour, after which we put it in a heated oven. We stand at 170 degrees until the meringue is browned, about a quarter of an hour. Cool well and serve.

Delicate cake “Winter” with nut crust, sour cream and peach puree


almond petals - 100 g .;

four eggs;

two teaspoons of a ripper;

250 grams of softened “Farmer” oil;

flour - 450 gr .;

150 grams of beet and half a cup of brown sugar;

two spoons of vanilla powder;

100 grams of crushed nuts.

For the first cream:

a pack of “Farmer” oil;

350 gr. caramelized condensed milk.

Second cream:

400 grams of homemade very fat sour cream;

One and a half glasses of the fattest, not less than 33 percent, cream.


a small jar of canned peaches;

150 grams of white chocolate, in tiles.


Pound the softened butter with sugar, add yolks in the process. Sift the flour to the oil mass, add the ripper and vanilla, knead the dough. Rolling in the form of sausages, divide into four parts. Each piece, laid on a sheet of parchment, roll out all around at least 26 cm in diameter and evenly pinch the forks with a fork.

In a clean bowl until resistant peaks, beat four proteins. Visually, we divide the protein mass into four parts, lubricate all the preparations with it and sprinkle with a small amount of dark sugar.

Two cakes sprinkle with finely chopped nuts, and the other two - with sugar. We bake the prepared cakes at 180 degrees to a light blush, cool.

Separately, whip sour cream and cream with a mixer. Combine both masses and gently mix.

Put the peaches from the syrup in the bowl of the blender, interrupt in mashed potatoes.

We put almond cake on a serving dish, well we grease with a third part of peach puree. Putting on top of the workpiece with walnuts, as we put on it puree and cover with a layer of cream. Repeat the process, but do not lubricate the top billet with a creamy mass.

Beat to the pomp boiled condensed milk with butter. Align with cream the sides of the cake and thickly lubricate it from above.

We rub white chocolate on a small grater, sprinkle it on the surface and sides of the cake.

Cake “Winter” with curd cream


a glass of flour and sugar;

baking soda - teaspoon;

five eggs.

For cream:

fat, dry cottage cheese - 400 gr .;

spoonful of gelatin and sugar;

four yolks;

half a cup of milk;

a quarter cup of water;

kernels of chopped walnuts;

canned pineapple.


a glass of fatty, liquid cream;

coconut chips;

a quarter cup of refined sugar.


After breaking eggs, beat with sugar in thick foam. Having poured the sifted flour, continue to beat another five minutes.

We moisten the inner surfaces of the round shape with vegetable oil, slightly sprinkle with flour. Spread out the biscuit dough, level the top with a spatula.

Putting in a hot oven, bake a biscuit for forty minutes, maintaining the heat at one hundred eighty degrees. Free from the mold and slightly cooled.

Still warm, gently cut the biscuit across. We put the top cake in a slice up in a deep bowl of the right size, press it with our hands to the sides of the container.

Soak gelatin, pour granules with a quarter cup of cool water. Slightly warming up in a water bath, filtering the gelatinous mass and temporarily set aside - it should cool down. The cottage cheese rubbed on a sieve is mixed with slices of pineapple and finely chopped nuts. Pour the cooled egg mass into the curd and mix it thoroughly with the melted, cooled gelatin.

We spread the prepared curd mass on the sponge cake placed in the bowl, cover with the second cake cut to the top of the bowl. Cover the top with cream and remove for an hour in the cold.

Turn over the bowl with the cake over the dish and remove it. Apply on the cake, whipped with sugar until thick foam cream, sprinkle with coconut. Sugar snowflakes that are commercially available will also look very impressive.

Cake “Winter” - cooking tips and helpful tips

  • Before whipping cream and protein, wipe the dishes dry and degrease them beforehand. Moisture and grease will interfere with whipping products quality.
  • Proteins will beat faster and better if you add a few grains of salt to them. Cream preferably for a quarter of an hour placed in the freezer.
  • For a cream, try to get the fattest sour cream, and best of all homemade. From the low-interest sour cream cream comes out as liquid kissel.
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