How to make fritters quickly: tasty and airy. How to quickly make pancakes on water, milk, yogurt, yogurt

How to make fritters quickly: tasty and airy. How to quickly make pancakes on water, milk, yogurt, yogurt

Fritters are a favorite dish for many for breakfast and snacks. This dish is suitable for those who are on a diet, because they can be cooked on the water, and those who like a hearty meal.

For many hostesses, fritters are a great idea, as they are cooked easily and almost instantly, but they always turn out tasty and satisfying if you know some secrets and tricks.

If the guests unexpectedly descended on your doorstep, but there is nothing to treat - do not worry! In 10 minutes you can make an excellent snack - pancakes or as they are called, flat cakes, and serve with mayonnaise and garlic. And if the guests arrived in the morning, boldly bake pancakes and serve them as a dessert, it all depends on your imagination.

As they say, a good housewife can cook wonderful dishes from a minimum of ingredients. Fritters will be such a wonderful dish, as you can make them from the minimum set of products, and the dish will turn out to be very beautiful, satisfying and useful.

General principles of fast cooking fritters

Cooking pancakes began a long time ago, before they were called “lush pancakes”, but there is some truth. In Russia, the lover of this excellent dish was called “pancake”. Pancakes are more magnificent than pancakes, but they are not as thick as vozdushki.

The pancakes are cooked easily, but one cannot do without the necessary kitchen equipment. Each housewife should have favorite pans, oven mitts and other devices, so that the mood was great during cooking. Many psychologists, by the way, consider it harmful to cook in a bad mood, because all the negative energy can go to the prepared dish. Therefore, armed with the correct favorite pan with a non-stick coating, a cast iron pan, an apron for the hostess and a smile will also work, you can learn how to make pancakes quickly. Options pancakes great variety. For convenience, I propose to classify them into groups and subgroups. Pancakes can be made quickly with meat and without meat.

Fritters are different depending on the meat - chicken, beef, turkey, pork and others. Most hostesses prefer to bake chicken, they are also called “chopped burgers”. As a result, they are very tender, juicy, and pancakes are prepared instantly. Nevertheless, at the mention of this baking, pancakes without meat are presented, fluffy and rumennye, this dish is a symbol of the hospitable hostess. This baking can also be divided into groups and subgroups. Depending on the test, they are on the water, dairy, kefir. Fritters can be prepared with or without yeast. Depending on the filling, the pancakes are also different - with slices of apples, bananas, pieces of chocolate.

As you can see, pancake recipes are many. Let's try to make pancakes on water with yeast, milk with apples, kefir, yogurt, American pancakes and fermented (sour) milk. You will need to find your favorite recipe and surprise guests with such a wonderful Russian dish, in which variant you will cook, it's up to you to decide.

Recipe 1. How to quickly make pancakes on water using yeast

This dish is perfect for breakfast, as well as a light snack. Despite the minimum set of products, they are very satisfying and useful, and are prepared instantly.

Required Products:

- warm boiled water - 2 tbsp .;

- wheat flour of the highest grade - 2.5 st .;

- granulated sugar - 4 tbsp. l .;

- vegetable oil - 6 tbsp. l .;

- yeast - 10 g .; salt - 1/2 tsp


The secret of this dish is that you need to add dry products to liquid, but in no way case, not vice versa.

1. Prepare a container in which we will make pancakes. Pour water, add sugar and dry yeast. The resulting mass is thoroughly mixed. Leave the mass for about 20-30 minutes to ferment. The beginning of fermentation is easy to determine if small bubbles appear, you did everything right. 2. Add the required amount of flour and oil can be used as a sunflower, and olive. All interfere, to disappear lumps. The pancake mass loves hands, so knead it thoroughly. The consistency of it should be like mayonnaise, that is, it does not drain from the spoon.

3. Pour the sunflower oil into the pan and warm it. It is very important to spread fritters on such a frying pan, otherwise they will stick, which will become an obstacle to turning over.

4. Put the pancakes and bake on each side for 1.5 minutes.

5. Now you can quickly make water pancakes with yeast.

Recipe 2. How to quickly cook without pancakes with milk and apple slices

This dish is like both adults and children. Apples give pancakes a very delicate flavor. Apples choose high-quality, before you cook, be sure to try the apple to taste. Depending on your taste, you can choose sweet or sour.


- apples - 1-2 pcs .;

- granulated sugar - 3.5 tbsp;

- chicken eggs - 2;

- milk - 1 tbsp .;

- test baking powder - 1 tsp;

- wheat flour of the first grade - 2 tbsp.


1. Whisk mix sugar with egg. It turns out lush white mass. The foam will be more magnificent, the pancakes will be correspondingly more magnificent. Add milk to the same container and stir again.

2. Add flour, baking powder to the same container and knead the dough thoroughly. Lumps should not be, it is very important, otherwise the pancakes will not be tender.

3. In case the dough is thick, add another half cup of milk, the milk will give the muffins a delicate flavor.

4. Rinse the apple. Peel and cut into pieces. Core removed.

5. Add apples and mix well. Here is the aromatic dough.

6. In a skillet, heat the vegetable oil, heat it well and spread the pancakes. Fry pancakes from two sides to the finished state.

7. Now you can quickly cook without the yeast fritters with apple slices.

Recipe 3. How to quickly make pancakes on kefir

Kefir pancakes are very voluminous, sweet and aromatic. They are considered an excellent option for breakfast as well as for a sweet snack. There are certain secrets to make pancakes very lush. When kneading dough, use only warm, heated kefir. You can heat it up in a saucepan, but the easiest and easiest way is to do it in the microwave. With this recipe, add the latest soda and lush pancakes are guaranteed, and if you use a very sour kefir product, it will be even more magnificent.


- product kefir or kefir - 1 tbsp .;

- chicken egg -1;

- flour of the highest grade - 1 tbsp .;

- sugar sand - 2 tablespoons l .;

- Baking soda - 1 tsp;

- salt - 0.5 tsp.


1. Mix sugar and salt with egg.

2. Add sour kefir product to the mass container that you prepared in the first paragraph. Once again, kefir is better to use warm, just warm up for 15 seconds in the microwave.

3. The final stage will be the addition of flour to the almost ready-made dough. Mix everything thoroughly. At the very end, add a little soda. In this case, we will not extinguish it, there is no need for this.

4. Leave the mass in a warm place for 15 minutes. You must wait for small bubbles on the test. Appeared - it means you can safely fry.

5. Preheat the pan with vegetable oil and carefully lay out the dough with a spoon. We will cook until our brown pastry crust.

Recipe 4. How to quickly make pancakes on yogurt

This type of fritters has a special flavor, it all depends on the yogurt, on which you will make the dough. Pancakes are perfect as a dessert, but they are not very sweet, which will allow us to dip them in jam.


- yoghurt drink - 1.5 st .;

- chicken eggs - 2;

- salt - 1 tsp;

- wheat flour - 1 tbsp .;

- sugar sand - 3 tbsp.

Cooking: 1. First of all, pour yogurt into the container, on the basis of which the dough will be prepared.

2. Next, add sugar, salt and eggs to the yoghurt, carefully beat the mixture until smooth.

3. Add flour to the last ingredient and knead well. The mass will be thickish, not flowing from the spoon.

4. Pour some sunflower oil into the heated pan and bake until tender. Good tea for you, now you know how to quickly make pancakes on yogurt.

Recipe 5. How to quickly cook American pancakes - pancakes

Fritters are popular not only in Russia, but also in other countries, for example, in America pancake pancakes are very fond of breakfast.

Preparing pancake pancakes is elementary, but still there are differences from our pancakes.


- wheat flour - 1 tbsp .;

- chicken egg - 1 egg;

- vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l .;

- cow's milk - 1 tbsp .;

- baking powder - 1 tsp;

- sugar sand - 3 tbsp.


1. Take two containers. In one container pour the flour, sugar and baking powder, mix thoroughly.

2. In another container, mix liquid products. Add the egg to the milk, as well as a little sunflower oil, mix everything.

3. Add liquid ingredients to dry. It is very important to add exactly liquid to dry. Stir well.

4. Heat the pan, do not add butter, as it is already in the dough and bake American fritters on each side for 2 minutes. Bon appetit, now you know how to quickly cook American pancakes - pancakes.

Recipe 6. How to quickly make pancakes on fermented milk

There are such situations when we forget about the shelf life of milk, and it spoils. And here the smart housewives immediately figure out what to do. You can bake very tasty and fluffy fritters. Did you know that some housewives purposely add vinegar to milk to ferment. This is done precisely to pancakes turned out lush. Try it and you, because observing some subtleties, fragrant handsome men will appear on your table. Components:

- fermented milk - 450 ml .;

- chicken eggs - 2 eggs;

- sugar sand - 3 tbsp. l .;

- soda - 1 tsp; - salt - 1/2 tsp;

- any vegetable oil - 3 tbsp. l .;

- wheat flour- 2.5 - 3 tbsp.


1. Immediately I would like to note that the mass for pancakes does not need to be whipped with a mixer, it will be much better if you make it a fork or a kitchen whisk. Mix eggs with salt and sugar.

2. Add the following components - flour and butter, mix everything.

3. It is necessary to add flour and the final ingredient - soda. We mix thoroughly, but it is not necessary to be zealous; if small lumps remain, then for this type of fritters it is a plus.

4. Leave the mass for 25 minutes at room temperature.

5. Pour the butter into the pan, warm it well and only then carefully put our pancakes on sour milk. When frying on the pancakes, small holes appear, which means we did everything right. 6. Fry each side of 1.5. minutes Bon appetit - now you know how to make pancakes in this way.

Secrets of creating beautiful and tasty pancakes

- The pan should be non-stick coated or cast iron.

- Do not use the mixer when mixing products.

- Bake the pancakes only in a hot pan.

-Add dry ingredients to liquid.

-Soda add the last to the dough.

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