Carp in sour cream: a rich dish for a diet table. How to quickly and tasty cook carp in sour cream: fried, baked, whole

Carp in sour cream: a rich dish for a diet table. How to quickly and tasty cook carp in sour cream: fried, baked, whole

Gentle, slightly sweetish carp meat perfectly tolerates heat treatment. You can cook this fish, artificially bred in China hundreds of years ago, in any way. The carcass and steaks are cooked in the oven and in the pan, in the slow cooker and cauldron, in their own juice and marinade, in foil and salt or dough coat.

Very tasty carp in sour cream. Dairy product becomes a natural marinade, which makes the meat even more tender and juicy. Most often, the fish is cooked separately, as the main protein dish to a side dish of potatoes or rice. But she perfectly tolerates the company of vegetables.

Carp in sour cream is fried or baked whole, stuffed with mushrooms and vegetables, cooked in the form of fillets or steaks. You can put out pieces of fried fish in sour cream, and it will also be very tasty. Of the spices are perfectly combined with carp paprika, saffron, coriander, ginger, pepper, lemon.

Carp in sour cream - general principles of preparation

Cooking carp in sour cream is not at all difficult. The main difficulty is to properly fish, especially if it is very large. Of course, you can buy a ready-made fillet, already chopped and even chopped carcass. But then you can forget about delicious fresh meat. The beauty of the carp is that it tolerates long journeys well and is most often sold alive.

The scales from the carcass lag very easily, with this, as a rule, there are no problems.

Gutting fish should be like this:

• incise the dorsal fin on both sides, wrap with a clean piece of cloth or an old towel and pull in the opposite direction, that is, from the tail to the gills;

• incise the abdomen, carefully remove the gallbladder, liver, insides. If the bile is spilled, you need to rub these places with salt, cut out and wash the fish; • eyes and gills should be removed;

• rinse the carcass, leave whole or cut into pieces.

The head and tail can be left if the fish is placed on a baking sheet or the pan as a whole.

Some housewives do not like to cook carp because there are many small bones in it. However, you can easily handle them. One of the ways is to make deep cuts crosswise on the back along the whole length of the carcass. The more often the incisions are located, the greater the number of small bones will be crushed and under the influence of high temperature will become softer. In addition, thanks to the cuts the meat is better saturated with salt, marinade and spices.

There is another option. It is necessary to cut fish into fillets, cutting off the head and cutting the carcass into two halves along the ridge. Next, we proceed as follows.

• Ridge, fin, adjacent small bones cut.

• Cut the rib bones in one piece.

• Use your fingers to determine the direction of the protruding strip with small sharp bones, move five millimeters back and forth from this line, make two cuts along the entire length of the Finn to the skin itself.

• Separate the resulting strip from the skin.

• Do the same procedure for the tail part of the carcass.

The cooking time of carp depends on its size. Bake fish should be at a temperature of 200 degrees for about one and a half hours. Before cooking, you can marinate the meat for half an hour in salt, pepper, lemon juice.

Carp in sour cream, baked in the oven

The simplest recipe for carp in sour cream, which requires a minimum of culinary preparation and very few ingredients.


• carcass per kilogram weight;

• salt pepper;

• lemon;

• some vegetable oil for baking sheet;

• a glass of sour cream.


Make shallow cuts on the thickest places of the carcass.

Cut lemon into slices, squeeze some juice.

Grate the fish with salt and pepper, pour with lemon juice. Put a few slices of lemon inside.

Marinate carp for about twenty minutes.

Preheat the oven.

Carp smear sour cream.

Grease baking sheet.

Karp “plant” on a baking sheet down the belly.

Pour the fish with the remnants of sour cream.

Bake until cooked.

Carp in sour cream, fried in a pan

Cooked according to this recipe, carp in sour cream is very juicy and fragrant.


• prepared carp;

• salt, pepper, spices to your taste;

• lemon;

• large onion;

• three to four tablespoons of flour;

• vegetable oil;

• a glass of sour cream.


Cut the fish into steaks.

Blot with a paper towel.

Salt, sprinkle with pepper and spices.

Pour juice from half a lemon.

Marinate twenty minutes.

Cut the onion into ringlets.

Breasted every piece of flour.

Heat the vegetable oil.

Fry fish to golden appetizing crust and both sides.

Separately fry the onions.

At a great speed or a roaster lay out pieces of fish.

Spread onion on top.

Sour cream diluted with a quarter cup of water.

Pour all the cream sauce.

Simmer, covered with a lid, about ten minutes.

Carp in sour cream cooked in a slow cooker

Multivarka allows you to save the flavor, taste and the maximum amount of nutrients of fish. Carp in sour cream, prepared in this way, you can actually surprise.


• carcass weighing no more than a kilogram;

• large onion;

• a clove of garlic;

• salt and pepper;

• bay leaf;

• fresh greens;

• two tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• spices as desired;

• a glass of sour cream.

Cooking method:

Carp cut into fillets.

Grate the fish with spices, salt and sprinkle with pepper.

Chop the onion.

Grind the garlic.

Pour the oil into the bowl and fry the vegetables for five minutes while frying.

Put on the fillet.

Continue cooking on frying mode for another fifteen minutes. Dilute sour cream with half a glass of water and go with broth.

Pour fish sour cream sauce.

Put bay leaf, chopped greens in the bowl.

Cook in stewing mode for twenty minutes.

Carp in sour cream with tomatoes

Refreshing tomato sour gives a special taste to the sweet meat of river fish. Very tasty option carp in sour cream, cooked in the oven.


• large carp carcass (from one and a half to two kilograms);

• five hundred grams of onions;

• four tomatoes;

• a glass of sour cream;

• some vegetable oil;

• spices, salt and pepper.


Carp rub with salt.

Onion cut into rings.

Preheat a large skillet and fry the fish in oil until crusting.

Turning carp on the second flank, put onion rings on the sides of the fish.

Fry the onions, salt. Be sure to stir.

Put the carp in heat-resistant form with onions.

Cut the tomatoes into thin slices and put them in shape around the edges of the fish.

Pour carp sour cream.

Bake at 220 degrees for about an hour.

Carp in sour cream on a vegetable cushion

Czech national recipe carp in sour cream, cooked on a pillow of vegetables, will appeal to lovers of proper healthy cuisine.


• large carp (or two to three kilograms);

• three large onions;

• large carrot;

• half a kilo of sour cream;

• a clove of garlic;

• a bunch of dill;

• six potatoes;

• vegetable oil;

• Rosemary or seasonings with this spice.


Grate the carcass with salt and seasoning, pickle for half an hour.

Chop carrot and onion finely and stew.

Boil the potatoes until half cooked, cool, cut into slices.

Chop greens, chop garlic.

Prepare minced onion, carrot, dill and garlic.

Stuff fish with minced meat.

Cover the baking sheet with foil and brush with oil.

Put out a potato pillow, leaving some potatoes. Put stuffed carp on top.

Spread sour cream on the fish.

Attach the remaining potatoes and greens.

Wrap the foil and send in the oven.

Bake for about an hour.

Expand the foil and bake the carp until it forms a crust for about fifteen minutes.

Carp in sour cream with potatoes and cheese

A great option for a full dinner or lunch.


• the carcass is larger;

• kilogram of peeled potatoes;

• two hundred grams of semi-hard cheese;

• bulbs large;

• half a kilo of sour cream;

• one hundred grams of butter;

• pepper, salt, seasonings.


Make cuts on top of the carcass.

Cut potatoes into slices.

Onion chop rings.

Finely grate cheese.

Melt the butter, drain into a saucepan.

Add half the cheese crumb and sour cream to the butter.

On a baking sheet, oiled, make a pillow of several onion rings.

Posting carp.

Smear the fish cream cheese sauce.

Lay the onion rings on top.

Next to the fish decompose the potatoes.

Bake for forty or fifty minutes.

Ten minutes before being ready to sprinkle the potatoes with the remains of cheese and bake until crusting.

Carp in sour cream stuffed with mushrooms

The incredible aroma of carp stuffed with mushrooms in sour cream - this is what the guests who have tried this treat will talk about for another week. The recipe will be asked for you.


• large carp carcass;

• two hundred grams of mushrooms, you can ordinary champignons;

• large onion;

• a glass of sour cream;

• some vegetable oil;

• fresh parsley;

• salt pepper;

• half a spoon of saffron powder.


Carp rub with salt.

Mushrooms cut.

Onions cut into semi-shell.

Fry the onions and mushrooms in vegetable oil.

Stuff the fish with mushroom stuffing, holding the edges together with toothpicks.

Sour cream mixed with saffron.

Grease a baking sheet with butter, put carp.

Liberally pour the fish with sour cream. Bake for about forty minutes.

When serving, sprinkle with finely chopped greens.

Carp in sour cream stewed in a cauldron

If there is a real cauldron on the farm, you can also cook a wonderful carp in sour cream.


• kilogram carcass;

• fifty grams of butter;

• a glass of sour cream;

• one medium carrot;

• large onion;

• pepper, salt;

• parsley, spices to taste.

Cooking method:

Cut the carrot into slices.

Onion chop rings.

Chop parsley finely.

Carp cut into pieces.

Put vegetables and greens on the bottom of the cauldron.

Top carp, pour a glass of water, simmer for about ten minutes after boiling.

Add butter, sour cream to the cauldron, simmer for about an hour under a lid.

Carp in sour cream - tricks and useful tips

  • Wash carp after gutting can only be very cold water. In warm meat cooked.
  • When buying fish, you need to choose a carcass with bright red gills, bright clear (not muddy!) Eyes, without slime on the scales. These are all signs of fresh fish.
  • The carp can barely noticeably smell of mud. But the sharp smell - evidence of stale goods, from which it is better to stay away.
  • If the carp's head is cut off - this is a reason to suspect the seller of dishonesty. It is almost impossible to determine the freshness of such fish.
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