Chicken breast rolls: healthy creativity in the kitchen. Recipes simple and original rolls of chicken breast

Chicken breast rolls: healthy creativity in the kitchen. Recipes simple and original rolls of chicken breast

They say that a professional cook can make any dish of two or three ingredients. It resembles a fairy tale about a soldier who made porridge from an ax.

There are times when the fridge is empty, but this is not a reason to become disheartened. Let's look in the locker where jars with spices and cereals are stored - there are sure to find the necessary ingredients for making chicken breast rolls.

If there is meat and fire, then you can already cook the dish. If there is salt and, for example, the leaves of thyme or sage, the dish will be delicious and original. This is the right approach to cooking.

Chicken Breast Rolls - General Cooking Principles

The principle is the same: they beat the breast, wrap the stuffing in it (whatever!) And produce a heat treatment. Perhaps the simultaneous creation of a variety of sauces and gravy.

As for the methods of heat treatment:

Deep-fat frying - in a large amount of fat;

The usual frying in a small amount of fat on the stove, in a pan;

Roasting on a spit (skewers, skewers) - cooking on hot coals;

When stewing, the meat is first fried and then boiled in a small amount of water or sauce;

To let the meat down is to steam it up in a closed container;

Roasting - heat treatment of already stewed meat in a cabinet or oven, until crusting.

Various combinations of ingredients and heat treatment methods allow you to cook almost any dish from chicken breast.

Recipe 1. Breast rolls. Snack from dry-cured meat


1.8 kg breast, chicken (4 pieces)




Garlic (dried only)


Black pepper

Ginger root

Sea salt, coarse grinding




100 ml of good brandy or rum

50-100 ml of dry, red wine.


All spices must be dried and ground. Dry - so that the meat does not become covered with mold, and freshly ground spices give out their flavor better and faster. Salt to take so much that it covers the meat completely, from all sides, that is - 2-2.5 kg. Do not use kitchen, table salt, because the meat cannot be over-salted, which can be avoided with sea salt, which tends to be absorbed as much as necessary. Meat should only be chilled, and preferably very fresh. It is possible, depending on taste preferences, to use a different set of spices, but they should be two to three times more than in ordinary cooking. You can also use vodka, instead of rum or brandy, but the flavor is lost, and, as a result, the taste of the finished dried meat. In extreme cases, when using vodka, add to spices, cloves, vanilla, coffee beans, star anise and sugar.

In the tank mix all the spices, salt and alcohol. Spice mix should be wet. Freshly washed and dried with a napkin should be laid on a salt pad so that the pieces of meat do not touch each other. Top cover the same mixture of spices with salt and liquor. Tightly close the container and store in the refrigerator for 12 to 16 hours. Meat can make juice - this is normal. After salting the breasts, remove from salt, brush off and dry slightly with a napkin (do not wash!). Ideally, now the meat should be hung with the help of a twine in the same refrigerator for the same time so that it dries. But, if it is not possible to hang it, then wrap it in cotton fabric: gauze is a great option. A day later, chicken breast is ready to eat. It is unlikely that someone, having tried such a balyk, would like to buy something similar in the store.

A rolls of chicken breast, jerked, can decorate the holiday table.

Cut the breast into very thin slices. Take in hands a black olive, without a stone. Wrap the olive first with a slice of lemon, then a thin strip of hard cheese. Next you need to take 5-6 thin (to the transparency) slices of balyk and wrap an olive with cheese and lemon to make a rosette. Secure the “petals” with a skewer and place it on a sliced ​​plate. This is one of the table design options. It all depends on personal fantasy.

Recipe 2. Breast rolls with ryazhenka sauce


Steamed rice, boiled 300 g

Onions, browned 150 g

Chicken fillet (white meat) - 10 battered pieces

Butter, melted creamy (for browning)

Fresh dill


Ryazhenka (4%) 0.5 l

Vegetable oil (for browning) Lemon peel

White cabbage 250 g


Carrots 75g

1 tbsp. flour


Rinse 150 g of rice, soak for 2-3 hours, then boil it in lightly salted water until half cooked. Half the onions to sauté in melted butter and add to it finely chopped fresh cabbage. Saute the second half of the onion in vegetable oil (50 ml) with 1-2 teaspoons of sugar, flour and ryazhenka. Fill the resulting gravy with salt, white pepper, sprinkle with finely chopped dill and lemon zest. Cabbage with onions mixed with boiled rice, if necessary, season with spices. The resulting filling is divided into 10 servings and wrap in chops. Roast chicken breast rolls on both sides in a frying pan, then transfer them into the prepared baking dish, pour over the milk sauce and bring to the readiness in the oven, at 200 ° C.

Recipe 3. Breast rolls with feta, orange and pumpkin puree


Orange 2 pcs.

Caramelized pumpkin - 200 g

Feta - 100 g

Roasted Cashews - 50 g

Nutmeg, ground



Lemon juice

Sugar (or honey)

Red basil

Lemon pepper


Chicken breast, boiled - 2 pcs.

Cranberries (lingonberry, red currant) 50 g


Cut the pumpkin and lightly fry in a pan, dragging it with sugar. Remove the zest from the oranges (for sauce). Caramelized pumpkin mixed with peeled pulp of 1 orange, feta and other spices, to taste. Mix with a blender, add roasted and chopped cashews. Boiled chicken breast cut into plates (0.5 cm). To wrap each plate with a straw, putting the prepared mixture into it. Fasten rolls with cuts.

Prepare orange sauce: Cook the juice of the second orange with zest, sugar, salt, lemon juice and mustard until thick. Add a pinch of saffron to the sauce and, if necessary, add a little water.

Serve chicken breast rolls on a la carte plates, watering with orange sauce, garnish with basil leaves and red berries.

Recipe 4. Breast rolls with saffron, pear and grapes


Pear (winter variety) 5 pcs.

White grapes (nutmeg) 1-2 clusters

Shallot 200 g

Honey 4-5 Art. spoons

Lemon (juice) 1/2 cup

Red pepper (“Kolobok” or “Ratunda”) 5 pcs.

Hot pepper (powder)


Lemon peel



Ghee, creamy butter


White wine, dry 200 ml

Chicken breast chops - 10 pcs.


Fry the sesame in a dry pan, without fat. In the wine, add honey and a small pinch of saffron. Pour sliced ​​pears and grapes into four pieces with this mixture. Pears need to choose solid varieties. If nutmeg grapes are not available, then nutmeg powder can be added to wine with saffron and honey. Give the fruit a little brew, then pour them into the pan with the heated butter and caramelize. Grapes should be removed from the pan a little earlier, and pears should have a brownish tint. Remove the stems and partitions from the pepper, cut into strips, lightly browned in butter, add chopped shallots. Pass the pepper and onion separately from the fruit, sprinkle with salt, hot pepper, if desired, and sprinkle with lemon juice. When the vegetables are ready, add the lemon zest. We distribute the vegetable mixture into chops and wrap them in rolls. If necessary, fasten wooden skewers and fry in butter, cover the pan with a lid. Serve chops with grapes, pear slices in caramel, sprinkle with sesame and cilantro leaves.

Recipe 5. Chicken breast rolls. Prague salad “in baskets”


Shallot 200 g

Juice of one lemon

Pork tenderloin 400 g

Frying oil

Chicken Breast 0.4 kg

Fresh cucumber 250 g

Apple 300 g



Pepper, ground.


Prepare baskets of foil: grease them with vegetable oil and put on a baking sheet. Preheat oven to 200 ° C. Cut chicken breast into portions, beat off, put into foil baskets so that the meat protrudes over the edge of the molds. Send the pan to the oven and fry the chops until done. Remove the ready-made baskets from the molds for cooling. Shallot cut into strips and put it for 10-15 minutes in a bowl with lemon juice. Cut pork tenderloin into portions, beat off and fry in vegetable oil. Peeled apples, cucumbers and pork chop are cut into thin strips, mixed with onion (lightly pressed), seasoned with mayonnaise and spices, if necessary. Salad is laid out in "baskets" of chicken breast and immediately served. You can decorate with greens, lemon slices, cucumber.

Recipe 6. Fir Trees Rolls

Someone has already started the countdown of the days remaining until the New Year, someone is absorbed in work and will come to mind only on December 31. The original design of the dish will help create a festive mood and surprise the guests.


Boiled carrots 1 pc.

Apple, sweet and sour 2-3 pcs.

Lemon juice 1/2 cup

Marinated cranberries 1 cup

Shallots, sliced ​​2 cups

Boiled potatoes, for decoration 5 pcs.

Celery, boiled (roots) 50 g

Egg white, boiled 2 glasses

Chicken, white - 10 chops (or by the number of guests)





We divide lemon juice into two containers: cut shallots fit into one, grated apples grated on a large grater. If necessary, add cold boiled water in the tank, but it is necessary that the onions and apples are immersed in the solution completely.

Chicken breasts cut along the fibers, 0.5 cm. Make transverse, shallow notches on each piece, repel. If the breast is large, then cut each in half, in half. Next we make cuts along the fibers, 1.5-2 cm long, at a distance of 0.5 cm, on each plate. Collapse each piece of meat with a cone so that the notched edge is of larger diameter. Secure the edges with a wooden skewer or toothpick and boil the breast with whole, peeled carrots and celery root.

5 peeled, cooked in a uniform, small potatoes are cut in half, put them on the prepared baking sheet with the convex part upwards and insert wooden, long skewers in the center.

On skewers we string 2 pieces of boiled breast to make a “herringbone”, smooth out cuts and grease with a mixture of honey and mustard, using a silicone brush, from top to bottom. Bake "Christmas trees" in the oven until rosy color. We reach and, when the semi-finished products have cooled down, smear with mustard and honey again, immediately sprinkle each “fir-tree” with cut shallot, pickled cranberries and grated apples. From above, put on a skewer, cut out of boiled carrots “asterisk” and transfer the “Christmas trees” to the dish. Sprinkle finely chopped egg white around them.

Recipe 7. Breast rolls. With prunes, nuts, beet


Pitted prunes, chopped 1 cup

3-4 garlic cloves

Walnuts, chopped 1 cup

Beetroot, boiled dining room 1-2 pcs.

Chicken Breast 1.2 kg

Sea salt

Mushrooms, pickled 50-100 g


Lettuce leaves

3-5 quail eggs

Cherry 2-3 pcs.



Cut white chicken meat into plates 1.5 cm thick, make transverse, shallow cuts on one side and repel well. Put the prepared semi-finished products from the breast onto the oiled sheet of food foil in one row, overlap. Smear the first layer with mayonnaise mixed with minced garlic and pepper. Boiled beets cut into thin plates and put on top of the meat. Again miss the coat. Then lay out a thin layer of prunes cut into strips, in the center, with a strip of nuts, which are also seasoned with a mixture of garlic, mayonnaise and pepper. Fold the roll using foil and place it on a baking tray at 220 ° C. After 20-25 minutes, remove the pan from the oven and cool to room temperature. Remove the foil and cut into rolls, 2.5-3 cm thick, lay out on a dish, decorating with shallots, lettuce, halves of eggs and tomatoes.

Recipe 8. Chicken rolls with vegetables and rice, stewed


200 g chicken fat (or lard)

5-6 cloves of garlic


1 kg of chicken white meat

Onions, browned 200 g

Pepper red, ground

Boiled rice 300 g

Carrots browned 250 g

Pepper sweet, browned 150 g

Eggplant, fried (rings) - 350 g

Tomato sauce, spicy

2-3 tablespoons flour

Celery, parsley, cilantro.


Fillet cut into portions, repel. Finely chop lard or chicken fat with garlic and grind in a mortar with a portion of chopped greens. Sprinkle the mixture with a mixture of peppers, lightly salt and wrap in pieces of a broken breast. Wrap each roll with a string and fry to a ruddy color in a pan. Remove the thread when cool. Prepared, browned vegetables, fold into a saucepan, mix with boiled rice, top with chicken breast rolls and season with tomato sauce mixed with flour. A minute before being ready, pour the second part of finely chopped greens into a saucepan with stewed chicken breast rolls. Rolls with vegetables served hot as a separate dish.

Chicken Breast Rolls - Tricks and Tips

• Meat of old chicken is suitable for minced meatballs, young chickens roast better.

• To make roasted meat juicy, you need to salt it just before the end of frying. If you salt the meat right away, it will pour out the juice and will be dry and tough.

• Chicken breast contains a large amount of protein, but less fat. For minced poultry meat it is better to add the meat of the legs. Chicken fat can also be added to mincemeat.

• If you need a tasty broth, then you need to salt it at the beginning of boiling, and, on the contrary, if you need a tasty chicken breast, then you need to salt it at the end.

• To make boiled breast tasty, you should add celery root, parsley, bay leaf and onion to the broth. For broth, you can only remove the upper skin of the onion, not peeling it until the end. Onion should be washed very well. Beautiful, amber color will be obtained from the broth, if you add to it a peeled whole carrot.

• Parsley and dill stalks will look coarse in salads or other dishes. They can be tied together with a thread in a bundle and used for boiling broths, and for salads to take tender leaves.

• At the end of boiling broth, all vegetables that have been boiled with meat should be removed.

• The breast will be especially juicy and cook faster if the meat is marinated before cooking.

Given that each housewife knows how to choose the right products, we will analyze the stereotypes in cooking. For example, you need to cook a tomato dressing, but there are no tomatoes available. That is, imagine that no one guesses their existence, but you need a sour dressing. What can replace tomatoes? Lime, kiwi, gooseberry, currant ... This list can be continued, but the essence of the question is already clear: no tomatoes - we use what is available, similar in taste.

Another important point to which you should pay attention - the principle of compatibility of products. In fact, popular wisdom says that there are no comrades to taste and color, therefore this principle is obligatory if you want to achieve a classic taste: harmony of sweet, salty, sharp, sour. But experiment is the engine of progress. Therefore, try to invent your own, unique combination.

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