Apple dessert - a delicacy with your favorite flavor! Cooking ice cream, pastille, pastries, salads and other homemade desserts from apples

Apple dessert - a delicacy with your favorite flavor! Cooking ice cream, pastille, pastries, salads and other homemade desserts from apples

Apples are tasty on their own, and the desserts are wonderful. This fruit is combined with a variety of fruits, berries, nuts, can be used with any kind of dough and dairy products. That is why the list of sweets and possible dishes from apples is simply huge, it can be made up to infinity, but here are the most delicious options for desserts.

Dessert from apples - general principles of cooking

Flour desserts are made from different types of dough, and apples are often used as a filling. They are cut, combined with sugar, cinnamon, nuts, or mixed with raisins, other fruits, berries, cottage cheese. Sometimes they add it directly to the dough, for example, they make charlotte like this; below is a classic recipe for the most popular apple pie.

What else can you do desserts with apples:

· Marshmallow;

· Fruit salads and sauces;

· Mousses;

· Ice cream;

· Smoothies.

They can be baked, fried, dried, they are often combined with cottage cheese or kefir, add to pancakes and pancakes. The main thing - to choose and prepare the fruit. If the skin is thick, then it must be removed, seeds and stubs in most recipes are removed. The tastier and juicier the fruit, the better the dessert will be. And remember that an apple darkens in the air, becomes gray and unattractive, so it is prepared at the last moment.

The simplest dessert of apples with nuts and cinnamon

Variant of a very useful and simple dessert from apples. It's easy to do in a few minutes. If you need to reduce calorie, then reduce the amount of honey.


· two apples;

· 1 tbsp. l honey;

· 2 tbsp. l water;

· 1 tbsp. l nuts;

· 0.3 tsp. cinnamon


1. Combine honey and water, put on the stove and reheat. Or put in the microwave and melt. Add cinnamon, stir, dressing ready. If you are allergic to honey, we make sugar syrup.

2. If the skin on the apples is thick, then it is better to clean it off. Pulp cut into cubes or neat plates, pour into a bowl. 3. Fry nuts, chop, add to fruit. You can use any nuts: hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts. Also delicious with sunflower seeds. If you want to make a healthy dessert, then put flax or pumpkin seeds.

4. Pour the honey melted with water and cinnamon, stir and the dessert is ready!

Baked Apple Dessert

Ways to prepare desserts from baked apples are huge and this is only one of the options. It is simple and requires a minimum set of products. But at the request of the fruit can be filled with honey and nuts, curd mass, dried fruit.


· Apples;

· Cinnamon;

· Sugar.


1. Rinse the apples, it is better to use small fruits. It is important that they are approximately the same among themselves.

2. Cut a small funnel on top with a stub, discard.

3. Mix sugar and cinnamon, sprinkle with a moist funnel. If any filling is used, the hole is made larger and filled.

4. We shift the apples in the form, put in the oven. Or for a few minutes in the microwave.

5. Bake at 180 degrees until soft. Before serving, give a little stand.

Charlotte - a traditional dessert from apples

Considering desserts from apples, one can not forget about charlotte. Delicious cake prepared for a variety of recipes. Here is a classic recipe for apple pie itself.


· 1 tbsp. flour;

· 1 tbsp. sah. sand;

· Four apples;

· Four eggs;

· 15 g of oil;

· Semolina or extra flour.


1. Rub the bottom and sides of the form with a piece of oil. Additionally, sprinkle with semolina or flour. Immediately turn on the oven to warm up to 180 degrees.

2. In a large and necessarily dry bowl break eggs. Omit the mixer. Turn on and start to beat at the highest speed.

3. After about three minutes, the mass will become light and fluffy. It's time to add some sugar. But do not overturn the whole glass at once. Put in small portions, continuing to beat.

4. Pour the flour into a sieve and immediately sift it into the dough, stir it now with a spoon and gently so as not to precipitate the mass. If suddenly the eggs are not very well beaten, then the charlotte can be secured with slaked soda (0.5 tsp. Of powder) or a bag ripper (1 tsp.), Just fall asleep and stir. 5. Rinse the apples. Cut the fruit into slices. Now they can be poured into the dough and mix. Or, then lay out on the test, when it is already in shape. You can decompose the apples and pour over the kneaded mass.

6. Sending apple pie to bake. By the time it takes about half an hour. We pierce it with a toothpick. Check readiness. But we do it carefully and carefully. If the stick gets into the apple, it will be wet even with the finished dough.

Drinking apple dessert

Variant of the useful dessert, which is now called the buzzword of the smoothie. So that the delicacy is well absorbed and saturated, we will cook with natural yogurt. Can be replaced with yogurt, kefir, ryazhenka.


· Three apples;

· 120 grams of yogurt;

· 1 tsp. lemon juice;

· 2 mint leaves;

· Cinnamon, vanilla, sugar to taste.


1. Peel the apples, cut them into small pieces, put them in a blender bowl or in a convenient bowl. Take the one in which it will be easy to grind. Immediately pour lemon juice. Add one leaf of mint.

2. Grind blocks to a state of uniform mashed potatoes.

3. To taste add sugar or honey, you can pour cinnamon, vanilla.

4. Spread yogurt or any other dairy product.

5. Beat the dessert for another 20 seconds.

6. Pour drinking dessert into a large glass, supplement it with a second leaf of mint. You can sprinkle it with cinnamon powder. We consume immediately, until the apple is dark.

Pastila - a dessert of apples without preservatives

This is one of the most profitable desserts from apples. Since it can be perfectly stored for several years without the addition of preservatives. This is a real dry pastilles, that is, thin.


· Apples;

· Sugar;

· Film or silicone mats.


1. Traditional marshmallow is made with skins. Therefore, wash the apples, cut into slices, throw away the stubs.

2. We throw the fruit pieces into the pot, add 0.5 cups of water, cover and set on the stove. Stew until soft.

3. Merge the apples into a colander. Juice, which stood out can be left for other purposes. Shift the pieces into a convenient bowl or return to the pan. 4. Crush apples with a blender. If they are sour, add sugar. But do not pour a lot, otherwise the paste will dry for a long time.

5. We spread the prepared mashed potatoes on rugs or simply on sheets of film. The thickness of the layer is not more than 0.5 cm. We set to dry in the sun. Or put in the oven, dry at 60-70 degrees until cooked.

6. Pastille neatly removed from the sheets. Completely cool, check whether it is well dried. Then we twist it into tubes, wrap it in parchment, in which we store the dessert.

Fried apple dessert

Variant of a very unusual dessert. For fried apples, choose only dense fruits, otherwise it will not work.


· 3-4 apples;

· 40 g of oil;

· 2 tbsp. l flour;

· Cinnamon, powder to taste.


1. Oil is sent to the pan. We put on the stove. You can fry apples and vegetable oil, odorless, but the cream turns out much tastier.

2. Cut the apples into slices, try to make the same thickness of the pieces. We lay out on the board in a single layer. In a strainer pour flour. Sprinkle the lobules on one side.

3. Quickly turn over the apples, sprinkle with flour the second side.

4. Put the slices in hot oil. Fry from both sides on high heat.

5. Remove the spatula on a paper towel. To remove excess oil. Fry the remaining slices.

6. Transfer the finished apples to a flat plate, sprinkle with cinnamon and powder on top.

Ice cream is a cool dessert from apples

The recipe for a natural and delicious apple dessert. For the preparation of ice cream will require an additional fat cream.


· 2 apples;

· 10 g vanilla sugar;

· 150 g of milk;

· Three yolks;

· 250 g heavy cream;

· 220 g sah. sand;

· 30 grams of brandy.


1. Start cooking with fruit. We clean, cut into pieces, pour with brandy and put on the stove. Add a spoonful of water, stew until soft.

2. Put fresh yolks in another saucepan, add sugar and milk. Rub to homogeneity, add vanillin and put it on the stove. Cooking custard, but do not bring to a boil. After the appearance of the first bubbles we immediately remove from the fire. Cooling down. 3. Apples are ground with a blender or grind through a sieve. Put in the fridge.

4. Pour the cream into a large bowl, beat until a good foam. Add the cooled fruit, and then cooked cream. Whip the mass for ice cream until smooth.

5. Put the bowl for 30 minutes in the freezer.

6. We take out, immerse the mixer and beat for a few seconds. Re-cool and interrupt again after an hour.

7. Spread apple ice cream in cups, molds or simply put in a container with a good lid. We do all this very quickly. We remove to full freeze.

Dessert from apples - useful tips and tricks

· An apple will not darken if immediately sprinkled with lemon juice. For the same purpose, fruit vinegar is sometimes used. If there is nothing like that, you can dilute a little dry citric acid, but it should not affect the taste of the dessert.

· Even a modest apple salad will turn into a gorgeous dessert, if the fruit is beautifully chopped. You can use figured knives, graters and other devices.

· Apple peel and scraps do not need to be thrown away, one can make a compote or a useful concentrated decoction, which is very valuable in cosmetology, contains a lot of substances useful for hair, skin and nails, helps fight colds.

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