Salad with ham and crackers - cook in the "all inclusive" mode. Proven salad recipes with ham and crackers

Salad with ham and crackers - cook in the

Salad appeared thousands of years ago, in ancient Rome.

Then he, of course, was a set of spice herbs, seasoned with vinegar, and not such a dizzying variety of dishes of this type, which is now known to mankind. But the discoveries on the subject of “salad” are continuing.

Often, recipes are not invented by catering technologists, or even by a chef at an elite restaurant, but by ordinary housewives in their own kitchen.

If the hostess has forgotten to add some ingredient, or, on the contrary, has added something superfluous - a good omen to the appearance of a new interesting recipe. After all, cooking is also an art.

Salad with ham and crackers - the basic technological principles

No wonder they say that a woman can make a salad out of nothing! The way it is. But some of the basic rules for the preparation of complex salads will, nevertheless, have to be mastered and implemented rigorously.

The technology of cooking salads consists in the preparation of products, their cutting and mixing. The taste of the salad depends on the well-chosen combination of ingredients. In this matter, it all depends on personal preferences.

In addition to the combination of ingredients, there is another secret: cutting method also affects the taste of the salad.

A large cut of the ingredients “sounds” in any selected composition separately - each component, despite the harmonious combination, stands out more clearly to taste. Finely chopped products are not as noticeable. Although according to the rules of technology, it is customary to cut all the ingredients in the same way, but this largely refers to the aesthetic appearance of a cold dish.

An important component for any salad is dressing.

The most common sauce for cold dishes is mayonnaise. Mayonnaise and make at home.

But besides him, there are other types of refueling, and do not forget about it.

Cooked himself, dressing may be more tasty and interesting addition. It can be peanut or olive oil in combination with lemon juice, dry wine, mustard, vinegar and spices. Filling on the basis of sour cream is more dietary than mayonnaise, and no less tasty if you add greens and spices to sour cream sauce. In the end, a variety of salad dressings expands the range of salads. For example, a salad with ham and crackers with mayonnaise and oil-vinegar dressing will seem completely different dishes.

Salads should be refilled immediately before serving, or, in any case, no earlier than half an hour before consumption. Especially this rule applies to salads, which include juicy vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed with mayonnaise, quickly produce juice and will look in a dish not very presentable.

Do not add to salads an excessive amount of dressing, which will kill the taste of all other components.

Salads, according to the rules of etiquette, are served before main courses, along with cold appetizers. In this regard, it is appropriate to recall that almost all salads, two hours after cooking, in accordance with sanitary standards, become unsuitable for use, especially if they have stood all this time in the clear on the table. Therefore, try to prepare a salad in the amount that is necessary for one meal, and do not stock them for tomorrow.

Cooking salads, which include rusks, has one peculiarity. It must be remembered that dry bread can be soaked in a dish, along with juicy vegetables and dressing. This is not always pleasant to the taste, and the appearance of the salad can be spoiled by the presence of soaked bread in the sauce. Therefore, croutons in salads need to be added at the very end of cooking, even after the sauce, so that they do not have time to get wet.

1. Salad with ham and crackers in a hurry


Smoked Cheese (“pigtails”) 150 g

Ham, Chicken 400 g

Eggs - 5 pcs.

White bread (stale) 120 g

Canned corn 300 g

Cucumber, fresh 200 g

Chopped greens

Salad leaves (for registration)

For refueling:

Mayonnaise (or sour cream), mustard, ground pepper, salt

Working order:

Prepare the ingredients:

Slices of white hard bread are also cut into strips. Heat the oil in a pan, put chopped garlic in it, a little turmeric and ground pepper (one pinch), salt, chopped garlic (a couple of cloves). Fry the bread and put it on a napkin. Boil and peel the eggs, then cut in half. Set aside yolks for making sauce, and cut the whites into thin slices.

Unravel the cheese “pigtails”, disassemble the strips into thin threads, then cut them into strips 1.5-2 cm long.

Cucumber, ham, cut into thin strips.

Flip the corn through a colander. Chop the greens.

Prepare refueling:

In mayonnaise, add a teaspoon of mustard, ground pepper. In addition to sour cream sauce, use salt.

Mix all the ingredients of the salad. Put lettuce leaves on a flat dish, after having washed them and dried them slightly. Slide put salad. Pour sauce and garnish with chopped greens.

2. Salad with beans, ham and crackers, puff


Canned beans 300 g

Cheese, hard 200 g

Marinated mushrooms 250 g

Boiled eggs, 5 pcs.

Ham (or smoked breast) 350 g

Green onions 100g

Lemon juice 50 ml

Croutons with garlic flavor (cubes) 100 g

For dressing: mayonnaise (30%), pepper (ground)


Cut the champignons, green onions into strips (1 cm), eggs into cubes. Cheese grate. Ham or chicken breast, smoked, cut into cubes, the same size as the beans and crackers.

In a deep form or bowl, lay the onion, after sprinkling it with lemon juice.

Lay the salad in layers, covering each of them with mayonnaise.

The sequence of layers: onions, mushrooms, beans, ham, crackers, eggs, cheese.

When serving, turn the dish over into a dish. Top salad can be decorated with plates of mushrooms, slices of eggs, putting them in a circle, put the beans in the center and sprinkle it with grated cheese.

Layered salad with crackers and ham should be infused for an hour. Therefore, an hour before serving, put the form with the dish in the refrigerator, covered with a lid or wrapped in foil.

3. Original salad with crackers, ham and tomatoes

Composition of products:

Cherry tomatoes 6 pcs.

Eggs, quail 12 pcs.

Cheese, cream (soft) 300 g

Smoked-boiled ham 400 g

Chopped greens (to taste)

Sesame, fried

Salad leaves (for decoration)

Rye crackers 50 g For refueling:

Lemon juice, olive oil, salt, sugar, pepper


Boil eggs, peel, cut them in half. Slice “cherry” into four slices. We cut ham in large pieces. Put washed leaves of lettuce on a dish. Top with slices of ham, tomatoes and eggs. Spread cream cheese on a salad with a teaspoon. Sprinkle with sesame, crackers and chopped greens. Prepare a dressing of these ingredients, adding to the olive oil spices and lemon juice to taste.

4. Salad with cabbage, ham and crackers


Peking cabbage 300 g

Smoked ham 250 g

Tomatoes 150 g

Parmesan 100 g

Croutons, rye 50g

Corn, boiled 200 g

Olive oil, wine vinegar, pepper - for refueling


Prepare the vegetables: fold the canned corn through a colander, let the marinade drain; chop cabbage with long straws; blanch tomatoes, remove the skin and seeds, cut into plates. Ham and crackers should be the same size as the corn. Parmesan coarsely rub. Mix all the ingredients in a deep bowl, pour abundantly dressing and serve immediately.

5. Warm salad with ham, cheese and crackers


Fried mushrooms 300 g

Seasoned onions 100 g

Fried ham 400 g

Roasted cheese 300 g

Mayonnaise (or sour cream)

Egg, raw 1 pc.

Greens, chopped


Washed and boiled mushrooms cut into plates and fry in butter, adding spices. Transfer to a deep salad bowl. Top with sliced ​​onions and chopped in butter. In the same oil, fry the ham, cut into sticks. Beat the egg into the foam. Roll large cubes of cheese in a beaten egg, and then - in breadcrumbs. Heat olive oil in a pan. Put minced garlic and pepper in it. Quickly fry the pieces of cheese, stirring them continuously, immediately lay on top of the salad. Pour with sparse mayonnaise and sprinkle with parsley and dill.

6. Zurich salad with ham and crackers - Swiss cuisine


Pickled Gherkins

Ham, boiled

Hard cheese

Rusks, white

Pickled carrots

For dressing: apple cider vinegar, vegetable oil, ground pepper, black


All the ingredients for the salad are taken in the same proportions and cut into long strips. Carrots before adding to the salad, put in a separate bowl, pour oil and vinegar, add sugar, salt and pepper. Soak for 3-4 hours. The same marinade fill the finished salad, combining all the products.

Salad with ham and crackers - tips and tricks

  • Salads should be fresh and served on the table immediately after preparation, except for special recipes. Cooking several different salads for the holiday of one hostess can be very difficult.
  • If you are preparing to receive guests, there is a lot of work in the kitchen, and there is no one to help, do this: boil all the necessary vegetables, clean and slice in advance, but do not mix them, but put them in containers, close the lid and put them in the refrigerator. You can also do with ham, boiled meat, eggs. Of course, products such as fresh tomatoes, greens in advance will not work. The next day, two hours before the arrival of the guests, it will only be necessary to combine the ingredients in different salad bowls, in the necessary quantities and fill the salads. So do the professionals working in cafes and restaurants, which does not contradict sanitary standards. Free time for rest before the arrival of guests will be more, and do not have to hide from them fatigue.
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