Useful and satisfying: fried pork liver with onions. A selection of recipes of fried pork liver with onions, with carrots and not only

Useful and satisfying: fried pork liver with onions. A selection of recipes of fried pork liver with onions, with carrots and not only

The liver is a product rich in protein and vitamins.

With proper preparation, pork liver is very tasty, and together with vegetables, a tender and rich dish comes out of it.

Moreover, the preparation does not require much time or material costs.

One of the culinary options is roasting.

The basic principles of cooking fried pork liver with onions and carrots

You must choose a fresh liver.

Before cutting, it is desirable to slightly freeze the product, get neat pieces.

Films and bile ducts will add unnecessary stiffness to the dish, so they must be carefully removed.

Fry the liver in pork fat-Smaltse, various types of vegetable oils.

Good seasonings for this product are black and allspice, bay leaf, hops-suneli, garlic.

In combination with sour cream, milk, cream, the liver is especially tender.

When cooking it with onions, carrots, you need to take a lot of vegetables, especially for onions.

Simple and quick: pork liver fried with onions

The basic recipe for fried pork liver with onions. It requires a minimum of products, and provides maximum benefit and taste. The main condition is a high-quality liver and its proper preparation.


A pound of pork liver

Two or three large bulbs - depends on the desire

Salt, black pepper

Refined oil or pork ghee for frying - 2 tablespoons.

Method of preparation

Pork liver is better to take chilled, but not frozen. Cut it into small pieces.

Melt the fat or oil in the pan, heat up and put the liver stronger.

Stir fry. Meanwhile, peel and chop the onion.

After ten minutes of frying, add onions to the pan and salt the dish.

Stir, hold until onion begins to flush. Pepper and cover for another couple of minutes. Turn off the fire.

Such a liver is good with any side dish, as well as just with fresh vegetables.

This is a classic: recipe for fried pork liver with onions and sour cream

Just fried liver with onions - a dish somewhat dry. Especially if you use it with mashed potatoes, buckwheat, where some kind of sauce is desired, and not just fried pieces. Sour cream can play the role of sauce. Interacting with onions and flour, it gives the desired consistency, as well as emphasizes the taste qualities of the main components.


400 g pork liver

200 g onion

A pair of spoons of flour

Packing sour cream in 500 ml - you can take less, but the more sour cream, the tastier the sauce.

Bay leaf

Ground black pepper or other spices as desired

Some oil or fat for frying.

Method of preparation

Remove streaks, films from the liver, cut into your taste - into cubes or thin long slices.

Preheat pan with butter, fat and send liver there.

Stir so that all the pieces are in oil.

Peel the onions and cut as small as possible.

Immediately add onions to the liver, add a little salt and fry over a good fire.

After ten minutes of constant stirring, when a ruddy appears, put a bay leaf and sprinkle with pepper.

Stir again, lay out the sour cream, cover the container, reduce the heat.

Five minutes is enough to form a delicious sauce for fried liver with onion from sour cream.

Remove laurel, turn off the stove, let stand for a couple of minutes and serve.

This dish can be consumed without a side dish - with fresh soft white bread.

Double tenderness: how to fry pork liver with onions and carrots to make it soft, not greasy and very beautiful

This dish is useful for every day and on the holiday table. If you serve a large dish of fragrant liver with tender browned vegetables and herbs as a main course or a cold appetizer, guests will be pleasantly surprised. And thanks to a combination of fried liver, onions and carrots, the recipe receives additional flavor nuances. To make it tasty and tender, you need to follow some rules of cooking.


600 g pork liver

400 g onions or more

2 large carrots

A glass of milk

Breading flour

Some vegetable oil Half a spoon of seasoning A mixture of peppers or just black freshly ground pepper

Salt to taste.

Method of preparation

Remove films from the liver, streaks, rinse.

Liver cut plastics, if they are very large - cut into pieces. You should get flat pieces of a thickness less than a centimeter and an area of ​​one or two matchboxes.

Lightly beat off the pieces, covering them with plastic to avoid splashing.

Place the liver in a container of milk and leave for an hour. This will add a dish of tenderness.

Drain the milk, it is good to drain the liver, dry with a napkin.

Sprinkle with salt, half a serving of pepper and mix.

Pour flour into a plate. Heat the oil.

Take pieces of liver, roll in flour and put in a hot frying pan. Fry on both sides until browning.

When piercing the liver, the finished liver should not release red juice. If this happens, you need to fry it. In order not to burn, to regulate the fire.

When all the pieces are fried and laid out on a platter, it is time for vegetables.

Chop finely peeled onions and send to the frying pan.

While it is fried, peel the carrots and cut them. You can circles, bars, can be curly cut.

When the onions become soft and transparent, the time comes for carrots. Throw it in the pan, slightly add salt and pour the rest of the pepper. Stir, allow to evaporate the main moisture and cover with a lid.

Hold for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Onions should become rosy, but not roast, and carrots - soft.

Spread the vegetables evenly over the top of the liver, making sure that a portion of onions and carrots fall on each bite.

For a hot dish, a side dish of potatoes, rice is suitable, and in cold form it can be added with a type of mayonnaise or sour cream and used for a sandwich.

Unusually and unusually tasty - liver fried with mushrooms, onions and pumpkin

An unusual set of products gives quite a pleasant result: pork liver with onion goes well with mushrooms and even pumpkin. The main thing is to properly prepare all the ingredients of this dish so that they are neither excessively dry nor fatty.

Ingredients 400 g pork liver

200 g of mushrooms - fresh or frozen mushrooms are great; champignons can

200 g pumpkin

1 medium onion

Half a cup of cream

Some sunflower oil for frying

Salt, ground black pepper.

Method of preparation

We start cooking with onions. Peel, cut into medium cube and send to the pan with butter.

When the onion from transparent begins to turn into gold, put mushrooms on it. If they are large, pre-cut. Small honey agarics will go entirely.

After 10 minutes, put the diced pumpkin pulp and continue frying for another 10 minutes.

Put the vegetables out of the pan. In the same oil, quickly fry the sliced ​​liver to rudiness, slightly salted.

Add vegetables to the liver, add the right amount of salt, pepper, pour in the cream, warm up a couple of minutes before boiling.

Serve with a side dish or on your own with chopped parsley, dill.

Pork liver fry with vegetables

Onions, carrots, sweet peppers - great neighbors for fried liver. A dish of vegetables comes out easy and enjoyable. The richness of the main product - pork liver - with onions, carrots and peppers is complemented by bright taste sensations. Can be used without a side dish. Good is such a dish and cold.


200 g pork liver

2-3 onions

A pair of bell peppers

Large carrot


Ground Pepper Mix

1 egg

A tablespoon of starch

Refined oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Liver wash, clear of films, ducts, cut into large, but not thick.

Mix starch with egg, salt and pepper, put liver into this mass and leave for an hour. In the case of force majeure - at least for half an hour.

At this time you can cook vegetables. Peel the bulbs and sweet peppers, chop them into rings. Cut the carrots into thin slices.

Fry in oil over high heat. It is necessary that the vegetables were rosy, but not overcooked.

Remove the vegetables and put the liver in the pan. We spread one piece in a kind of batter of eggs and starch. You need to fry quickly, be sure to check readiness. An excellent way of serving: make a disk of rice or mashed potatoes on a plate with a special mold. Put fried liver on top, vegetable component on it.

A dish based on Jiz-byz - pork fried liver with onions, potatoes and a heart

Jiz-byz is an Azerbaijani dish for which liver sheep and vegetables are used. Lamb is not to everyone’s taste, and even finding the inside of a lamb will not always work out if desired. Therefore, the Russified version of this dish is a set of pork hearts, liver, fried with onions and potatoes.


600 g pork liver and heart in equal proportion

Two tablespoons of pork fat

Spoon of butter

2 medium onions

3-4 potatoes

Seasoning Hmeli-suneli



Method of preparation

In order not to be distracted from the frying process, it is better to prepare the ingredients in advance. To do this, peel the vegetables. Cut potatoes into cubes, chop onions coarsely, but thinly.

Washed offal cut into cubes, like potatoes.

It will take a large deep frying pan.

Heat the oil and pork lard and send the heart to it first. Fry for five minutes or a little more on high heat.

Add pieces of liver to the heart. Also fry quickly, stirring constantly.

The next line is potatoes. It is necessary not only to fry it for about five minutes, but also to cover it with a lid and hold it over medium heat with offal.

After 5 minutes, open the pan, put onions, salt and mix everything. Fry again under the lid.

A few minutes before being ready, you need to add seasoning and, once again preventing it, bring the dish to the softness of potatoes.

After turning off, hold for a couple of minutes under the lid, and then serve, sprinkled with greens.

Fried pork liver with onions and carrots in sour cream

Fry the liver, and then slightly toss with a delicious mixture of vegetables and sour cream - what could be better? Roasted tasty pieces are soaked in a pleasant sauce and become soft and fragrant. Fried pork liver with onions and carrots in sour cream is cooked quite simply, but if you wish, it will also take its place on the festive table as a hot dish with a side dish of potatoes or rice. Ingredients

600 g pork liver

2 pieces of onions and carrots

A pair of garlic cloves

2 tablespoons of sour cream and milk


Odorless oil

Any seasoning optional.

Method of preparation

Liver without a film, cut into pieces with a thickness of half a centimeter, soak in water or milk. After an hour or more, drain, dry.

Chop the onions into cubes. Large carrot grate. Garlic cut plastics.

Preheat a large frying pan with oil, spread out the pieces of the liver.

When fried from the bottom, quickly turn over and spread the vegetables on top, salting it all.

Sour cream and milk mix, add spices, pour the contents of the pan.

Leave to simmer fried liver with onions and carrots for 15-20 minutes, until complete readiness of all components.

Secrets and tricks of cooking fried pork liver with onions and carrots

With any recipe soak the liver in milk will only benefit the dish.

Soaking helps get rid of some bitterness that a liver can have.

The liver in boiling oil is sprinkled. Do not forget about it and take care of your face and hands. Flushing the flour reduces the chance of splashing.

Thin plates of pork liver can fall apart when frying. Therefore, you need to turn them gently, but it is better to make pieces thicker, about a centimeter.

To the liver is not dry, you need to fry and high heat until ruddy.

The remains of fried liver with onions and carrots can be quickly turned into a paste with a blender and a piece of melted butter.

Enjoy your meal!

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