Stacks of minced meat in the oven under a fur coat: a step-by-step recipe. Alternative to meatballs: steaks of minced meat in the oven under a cheese coat

Stacks of minced meat in the oven under a fur coat: a step-by-step recipe. Alternative to meatballs: steaks of minced meat in the oven under a cheese coat

Cutlets, meatballs, meatballs - favorite stuffed minced meat. They prepare quickly, turn out surprisingly tasty, soft and fragrant. But sometimes they even become boring. We offer you step-by-step recipes for an interesting dish of mince: stacks under a fur coat. And the “fur coat” for the chops of meatballs can be different every time, which means that a new dish will be on your table all the time. So, to all lovers of hot minced meat is dedicated.

Step-by-step recipe for minced meat in the oven under a fur coat: general principles

For cooking meat, you can use beef, pork, chicken. Mixed mincemeat stacks are delicious. You should not take too fatty pieces, the flesh with small fat layers will suit best.

Egg, spices and salt are added to the mince. A lot of carefully beat, form from it oval or round patty flattened form.

On the prepared stacks lay out a “fur coat”. The composition of the "fur coat" may include a variety of products, it all depends on your taste preferences:

• mushrooms;

• potatoes;

• boiled grated eggs;

• greenery;

• bow;

• tomatoes;

• grated cheese;

• and much more.

Depending on the recipe, the additional ingredients of the dish are pre-boiled or fried, or put on the surface of the prepared cutlets raw.

Next, put the stacks on the oiled baking sheet and send it to the preheated oven for 30-40 minutes.

To make the steaks look tastier and more appetizing, sprinkle grated cheese before baking.

1. Stacks of minced meat in the oven under a fur coat: a step-by-step recipe


• pork - a small piece;

• fillet of young beef - a small piece;

• three chicken eggs;

• onion head;

• three potato tubers;

• a piece of Dutch cheese;

• finely ground salt - ten grams;

• vegetable oil - five large spoons;

• 3-4 stems of fresh parsley for decoration (optional); • Three sprigs of fresh dill for minced meat.

Meat sticks will be tastier and more fragrant if you add various seasonings, so prepare in advance any spices to your taste, for example, seasonings for meat dishes, paprika, a pinch of black allspice.

Cooking Method:

1. First of all, prepare ground beef for the stoves in the oven: thoroughly wash the pork, if necessary, cut off the films, excess fat, cut the pulp into small pieces. Rinse the fillet of young beef and cut into slices. Chop pork and young beef in a meat grinder or in a blender, mix well.

2. In the scrolled mince add salt, any seasoning, pepper. Add the dill, crushed with a knife, mix everything thoroughly.

3. Put the minced meat out of the bowl and discard it by throwing it on the table, so the mass will become airy, so that the finished products will turn out soft and will not fall apart during baking.

4. Wash chicken eggs, put in a small saucepan, pour in water, boil after boiling over moderate heat for about five minutes. After boiling eggs cool in cold water. Peel and chop grated with fine teeth.

5. Cheese grate also. You can use any other solid or semi-solid varieties instead of Dutch cheese.

6. Peel the onion, chop it into small pieces, put it into the frying pan in the heated vegetable oil, fry a little, stirring until light brown.

7. Peel the potatoes, wash them, chop them on a grated raw.

8. From the cooked mince, lightly moistened hands with water, make round slightly flattened cutlets.

9. Take a baking sheet, grease it with vegetable oil, put the shaped patties at a distance of at least 2.5 cm from each other.

10. On top of the cutlets, spread the first layer of fried onion, then eggs and potatoes.

11. Sprinkle with grated cheese.

12. Place a baking tray with stacks in a preheated oven and bake for no more than thirty minutes at a moderate temperature. And so that the steaks from the bottom are not burnt, put a container with water on the lower tier of the oven. 13. Washiness is determined by a beautiful light brown cheese crust.

14. When serving, place the steaks in portions, decorate with parsley sprigs. If desired, put sliced ​​fresh tomatoes and cucumbers nearby.

2. Chips of minced chicken under a fur coat: a step-by-step recipe with tomatoes


• three medium chicken legs;

• onions - two heads;

• fresh tomato - one piece;

• mayonnaise - four large spoons;

• 15 grams of salt and black pepper;

• wheat flour - two handfuls (for rolling sticks);

• Fresh parsley - four twigs for decoration;

• fresh dill - four twigs in mince;

• spices;

• Lean oil - 50 ml to lubricate the pan.

The steaks will be more beautiful and tastier if sprinkled with cheese chips, so take another slice of any hard cheese.

Cooking Method:

1. Defrost chicken thighs, carefully separate the flesh from the bones. Throw away the bones, and twist the flesh through a meat grinder.

2. Pour salt, pepper, spices, chopped dill into the meat mass, mix well.

3. Form the minced patties out of chicken mince in a round shape. Sprinkle the stacks with flour on both sides.

4. Put the formed steaks on the greased with vegetable oil (you can not grease with oil, but simply cover the baking sheet with foil or parchment paper).

5. Peel two onions, cut into strips, lay them on top of the steaks.

6. Wash the tomato, cut into slices and place on top of the onion.

7. Shred a piece of Dutch or any other hard cheese on a grater, sprinkle them with tomatoes.

8. On top of the cheese, draw a pattern in the form of a grid of mayonnaise.

9. Place a baking tray with meat steaks in a hot oven and bake for half an hour at a moderate temperature.

10. Serve hot, nearby you can optionally put any side dish: stewed vegetables, boiled potatoes, boiled rice. Decorate the dish with fresh parsley sprigs.

3. Stacks of minced meat in the oven under a fur coat: a step-by-step recipe with mushrooms and spices


• pork tenderloin - a little less than half a kilogram;

• small fresh champignons - seven pieces;

• one potato;

• one egg;

• garlic - five cloves;

• wheat flour - half a glass;

• onion head;

• bunch of leeks;

• “Gruyere” and “Cheddar” cheese - in small pieces;

• olive oil - 70 ml;

• ten grams of black pepper and salt;

• ground cumin, paprika - half a pack;

• Fresh marjoram - five leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the tenderloin under running water and dry on paper towels. Grind the meat in a meat grinder.

2. Salt mincemeat, pepper, season with a small amount of ground paprika, cumin.

3. Add a raw egg, stir everything well, beat it lightly on the table.

4. Grease a flat pan with olive oil.

5. Using wet hands, form small patties from cooked minced pork, lightly crush them with your palm to make a flat cake. Sprinkle each cutlet with sifted flour and place on a prepared baking sheet at a distance of three centimeters from each other.

6. Peel the onion and garlic, chop the onion into small pieces, and squeeze the garlic through the garlic.

7. Peel the potatoes, wash them, chop them on a grated raw.

8. Hard cheeses also grate on the same grater as the potato.

9. Fresh champignons, if necessary, peel off dirt, wash, cut into cubes, put into heated pan in heated olive oil, add chopped onion, garlic, potatoes to them and fry, stirring, about 12-13 minutes.

10. Pour the remaining paprika, cumin and any other seasoning for meat dishes into the pan with the mushrooms with vegetables, fry for another three minutes.

11. Spread the cooked frying over the entire surface of the stems, sprinkle well with cheese.

12. Put a baking sheet in a hot oven and bake at a moderate temperature for about half an hour until the cheese is completely melted.

13. Put the ready steaks hot on a la carte plates, decorate with fresh marjoram leaves. 14. Next to the steaks on each plate you can put a side dish of boiled buckwheat, rice, pasta and pour some sauce, for example, sour cream, tomato.

Step-by-step recipes for minced meat in the oven under a fur coat: tips and secrets

• The most delicious steaks are made from freshly not previously minced ice cream.

• Unlike meatballs, the soaked bun is not put into the stuffing.

• Eggs added to minced meat can make finished products harsh. To avoid this is simple: put only the yolk in the meat mass or use no more than one egg per kilogram of minced meat.

• The stems are softer and juicier if you add a little boiling water to the stuffing.

• To avoid beefy mince steaks, add a little fat to the mince.

• When laying the baking sheets on a baking sheet, be sure to leave a gap between them so that they are baked simultaneously from all sides.

• Prepared cutlets for the pillars, if desired, can be sprinkled with breading: ground breadcrumbs, flour, semolina, sesame seeds.

• The taste of the ready steaks depends not only on the products and meat used for the “fur coat”, but also on the choice of spices. Try to add fragrant herbs to the mince, paprika, allspice, fresh herbs, chopped raw or roasted onions, a little tomato paste.

• Usually steak is served without a side dish, adding only fresh or canned vegetables. But you can optionally serve them boiled rice, buckwheat, mashed potatoes. Enjoy your meal.

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