Chicken in honey sauce - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken in honey sauce.

Chicken in honey sauce - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken in honey sauce.

Honey in Russia has always been honored. Used it for the preparation of sweet dishes, drinks, snacks, marinades. Sauce is another direction in the application of this surprisingly tasty and very useful product, presented to us by nature.

Chicken in Honey Sauce - Food Preparation

Variations of such a sweet sauce can be a great many. The shades of his taste vary depending on the components that complement honey. It can be garlic, ketchup, ginger, lemon, soy sauce, various types of pepper, vanillin, vinegar, mustard. A great variety of herbs and spices! Each of them can change the taste of honey sauce beyond recognition.

Variety of honey for making sauce can be anything. Of the huge number of options offered hostess is able to choose the most appropriate. And experimenting fans will put together their own set of honey supplements, the most appropriate proportions.

For cooking chicken meat in honey sauce, you can use both a whole chicken carcass and individual parts: breast, wings, thighs.

Recipe 1: Chicken in honey and garlic sauce

Baked in the oven, ruddy, with a crispy crust and a sweetish aftertaste - this chicken will gather the whole family for a Sunday dinner.

Ingredients Required:

- honey (4 tablespoons),

- three cloves of garlic,

- chicken (1 piece),

- your favorite spices,

- salt.

Cooking Method:

Mix crushed garlic with spices and honey, salt.

Washed and dried with a paper towel chicken pour sauce and leave for at least a quarter of an hour. If it is possible to extend the time of marinating, the meat, no doubt, will turn out even more fragrant.

For baking, the temperature inside the oven should be increased to 200 degrees.

Putting the carcass on a baking sheet, pour it with the remnants of the fragrant sauce and put in the oven for 45 minutes.

Recipe 2: Chicken in Honey Sauce

Chicken breasts, already beloved by many, in this version become delicious to incredible!

The recipe can be varied by changing the proportions of the ingredients of the sauce.

Ingredients Required: - two chicken breasts,

- vegetable oil (2 tablespoons),

- the same amount of butter,

- honey (4 tablespoons),

- one clove of garlic,

- balsamic vinegar (quarter glass),

- salt and pepper.

Cooking Method:

On strips, the thickness of which is within three centimeters, chop chicken breasts.

Marinate them for half an hour in a mixture of half a serving of vinegar, chopped garlic, salt and pepper. A cool place is the most suitable option for marinating.

Fry until the appearance of the beloved golden crust. This should be done in a pan with hot vegetable oil.

Put the appetizing pieces on the dish.

In a frying pan, reducing the heat, put the butter, pour the remnants of vinegar.

After waiting for the butter to melt, add the main ingredient of the sauce - honey, as well as salt and pepper.

Return the fried pieces of the breast to this fragrant mixture, stew a little more, not more than four minutes.

Recipe 3: Chicken in honey flavored sauce

The composition of the products proposed for the sauce is so promising that even an inexperienced hostess realizes that the chicken will turn out great.

Ingredients Required:

- half chicken,

- one tablespoon of honey, vegetable oil, soy sauce, mustard,

- mustard seeds,

- salt, seasoning for chicken, pepper,

- Three cloves of garlic.

Cooking Method:

All components intended for the preparation of the sauce are mixed.

In the resulting aromatic composition marinated chicken. You can leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

In the preheated oven hold chicken for about half an hour.

Pour over the remains of the marinade and send for ten minutes again.

Recipe 4: Chicken in honey-orange sauce

A mixture of orange-flavored honey will give the chicken a pleasant aroma and glossy shine. The dish will be very appropriate on the holiday table.

Ingredients Required:

- hen,

- 150 ml of water

- Vinegar (2 tablespoons),

- lemon juice (1 tbsp. spoon),

- two tablespoons of honey and orange juice,

- vegetable oil,

- clove of garlic,

- salt and pepper.

Cooking Method:

Wash chicken, dry with a napkin.

Mix the water and vinegar.

In the resulting solution, thoroughly moisten the chicken carcass.

Grate it with garlic (outside and inside), salt and pepper. Leave alone by setting in a cool place for half a day.

Lubricate with vegetable oil the form, put the chicken in it, cover with foil.

For baking, one and a half hours is enough. The temperature in the oven - 160 degrees.

After the time period indicated above, take out the chicken, remove the foil and pour on the sauce.

To get the sauce you need to combine orange and lemon juices, adding honey to them.

Another quarter of an hour in the oven - and a chicken with an appetizing crust is ready for serving!

Chicken in honey sauce - tips and secrets from experienced chefs

If you are not happy with the sweetish taste, then it can be significantly reduced by changing the proportions of the ingredients in the recipe.

Serve chicken cooked in honey sauce on a dish lined with lettuce. Ornaments in the form of olives, thinly sliced ​​lemon slices, miniature pickled cucumbers, cherry tomatoes will make the chicken very well fit into the festive table setting.

With honey sauce, not only chicken is unusual, but also pork ribs, beef or veal tenderloin, and duck.

Try to cook honey sauce in French. It can be stored in a cool place for up to ten days. Equally successfully used for meat and fish dishes.

Ingredients Required:

- a teaspoon of mustard,

- honey (2 tablespoons),

- the same amount of vinegar (wine or apple),

- olive oil (3 tablespoons),

- ground black pepper.

Cooking Method:

Mix olive oil with a mixer.

Add alternately all the ingredients, honey - last.

Another variation of honey sauce to any meat.

Take in equal parts honey and lemon juice, mix them and dilute with a small amount of warm water.

Boil the mixture for about five minutes on low heat.

At the end of the procedure, add a little butter.

If you add a little mint at the beginning of cooking, the sauce will turn even more spicy.

Honey sauce, cooked according to any of the above recipes, will make the dish tastier, more tender, more aromatic.

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