Meat baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat in the oven.

Meat baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat in the oven.

Meat baked in the oven - general principles and methods of cooking

Oven baked meat is an incredibly tasty dish. It perfectly satisfies hunger in the daily menu, and on the festive table it occupies a dominant place. And baked meat is present in the kitchen of different countries. As a rule, whole meat pieces are baked. The most famous recipes are Eastern Slavic boiled pork, English roast beef, Canadian rôti de porc, Austrian Schweinsbraten.

Meat baked in the oven - food preparation

For baking a piece, it is better to take pieces of pork, lamb or boneless beef. Best of all, if it is a tenderloin, ham or shoulder part. To give the dish flavor and spice use all sorts of seasonings and spices. They can be rubbed with meat or stuffed. As a rule, use black pepper, garlic, bay leaf, paprika, onions.

Meat baked in the oven - preparation of dishes

For roasting meat use trays on which the product is put, usually wrapped with foil. It is the foil that makes it possible to fry the meat well, to make it juicy and fragrant. Some recipes involve the use of pans - suitable enameled.

Recipe 1: Oven Baked Meat

Meat baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat in the oven.

Description: This is an uncomplicated recipe for cooking meat. Moreover, this dish can be nourished to feed the family, and you can impress the guests at the festive table.


Half a kilo of beef or pork,

one carrot,

3 cloves of garlic,

one onion,

parsley and dill,

salt and spices

for greasing pan vegetable oil and some water.


1. Beef or pork should be washed and dried.

2. Cleaned carrots need to be cut into small slices.

3. Thin circles should be cut and garlic. And onions are cut into half rings. 4. Then in the meat it is necessary to make small grooves in which to put the garlic and carrots. After that, the meat is seasoned with spices and salted.

5. On the folded foil you need to lay out a half-ring of onion, on top put a sprig of greens, and then - a piece of meat. Meat is wrapped in several layers of foil, and then it is laid out on a baking sheet greased with vegetable oil. And in the pan you need to pour a little water.

6. The oven is heated to 200 degrees and the meat is placed there for 90 minutes. When this time passes, you need to open the foil to give the meat a chance to redden. After that, you can serve it on the table.

Recipe 2: Pork with lingonberry sauce

Meat baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat in the oven.

Description: Pork cooked according to this recipe has a very piquant, sweet-sour taste due to cowberry-wine sauce. Such a dish can be central to the festive table.


2 kilograms of pork tenderloin.

For the sauce:

half a kilo of lingonberries,

250 ml of dry red wine,

a tablespoon of pepper or meat seasoning,

2 tablespoons of honey

0.5 cup of sugar

30 grams of fresh ginger root,

salt, ground cinnamon.


1. Honey and dry red wine should be carefully placed in a small bowl to get a homogeneous mass.

2. Peeled ginger should be finely grated and grated in a bowl of honey and wine. Cinnamon and seasoning for meat dishes are also added there (can be replaced with a mixture of peppers). The sauce needs to be salted. And once again mix it up.

3. The oven should be heated to 220 ° C. Wash the washed meat with paper napkins. Then it needs to be coated on all sides with the resulting marinade.

4. Meat spread on the rack and put it on a baking sheet. After the meat has been in the oven for 10 minutes, the heat of the oven should be reduced to 160 ° C. Cover the pork with a sheet of foil and bake it for 1.5 hours. 30 minutes before the meat is ready, the foil must be removed - then the pork will be reddened. But when the meat is taken out of the oven, you need to cover it again with foil for 15 minutes. 5. During this time, you should prepare the sauce. Juice released from the meat in a baking sheet, you need to pour into a saucepan and add wine to the same place. Place the skillet on medium heat and keep it until 2/3 of the sauce remains - the rest should evaporate.

6. Lingonberries should be picked and washed. One part of the berries must be crushed together with sugar in a blender to make a puree. It is this berry puree that must be combined with the sauce, add the remaining berries of the lingonberry, mix and pour the meat over the sauce.

Recipe 3: Veal, baked in the oven with citrus

Meat baked in the oven - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meat in the oven.

Description: veal cooked with citrus has a special taste. Spices and white wine give it a unique aroma. And laid out on a dish, it will be one of the central on any holiday table.


800 grams of veal pulp,

half a cup of white dry wine,

one lemon,

one orange,

one red and one yellow grapefruit,

3 tablespoons of olive oil,

30 grams butter,

1 clove garlic,

3 tablespoons flour,

a pinch of red hot pepper,


6 leaves of sage.


1. From lemon and orange you need to cut several slices of peel, which should be finely chopped. These pieces of zest must be pressed into the meat, after making small punctures in it with the tip of a knife.

2. A piece of meat should be tightly tied with a string - this will allow it to keep its shape during baking. And then roll in flour. 20 grams of butter and olive oil should be heated in a pan in the oven. In the same pan you need to put veal and lightly browns it, not forgetting to turn the meat. There also pour the wine, waiting for it to evaporate by about a third.

3. Sage leaves and garlic need to chop, mix with the remaining lemon zest and orange and hot pepper. This mixture should be added to the pan with the meat, and then salt the dish. Leave the meat to bake in the oven for an hour at 180 ° C. 4. At this time, you need to peel and cut the grapefruits into slices. In the remaining butter, they need to fry quickly. Turning off the fire, they need to keep warm.

5. From the oven, remove the baked veal and remove the string. Meat should be laid out on a dish and cut into slices, then pour it with its own juice.

6. Lemon and orange should be cut into cubes, chop the remaining sage leaves - mix it all up. Meat is sprinkled with a mixture of citrus and sage. Roasted grapefruit slices are laid out around the meat on a platter. And all this is served to the table.

Meat in the oven - tips from experienced chefs

For roasting meat in the oven, it is better to take a ham, neck or even a spatula. It is advisable not to cut off the layer of fat from the meat - so the meat will be juicier. At the same time, you need to understand that the taste will be not so much fried as lightly stewed.

For roasting the meat is better to put on the mirror, shiny surface of the foil. In the oven, heat from the mirror surface will be reflected inwards, that is, onto the surface of the baked meat. Such simple reception will not allow to lose precious heat.

By the way, meat baked in an oven must be kept for about 15 minutes before cutting. During this time, as long as the meat just stands, the juices will be distributed throughout the piece - the portioned pieces will be juicier.

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