Bread in milk in a pan - croutons, sweet, spicy, and to the broth. Fry ruddy bread croutons in milk in a pan

Bread in milk in a pan - croutons, sweet, spicy, and to the broth. Fry ruddy bread croutons in milk in a pan

The tradition of roasting bread is as ancient as this wonderful product itself.

At the stake, over the coals, on the griddle - as soon as they do not try to do it.

And today we will dip it in milk before frying.

Why - learn a little lower, the products will take a minimum, and they are listed in recipes, so for now, think for the best: how many babies will fit your kitchen, and make a list of lovers of rosy toasts.

Bread in a pan in milk - general principles of cooking

1. It is best to use lightly steamed white bread or baked goods. Fresh crumb quickly absorbs milk, and after cooking it may not be sufficiently roasted. Bakery products are cut into medium-sized slices from 0.6 cm to one centimeter thick or taken already sliced.

2. Milk is used to wet the bread before frying and significantly affects the taste of the finished dish. Milk is usually mixed with raw eggs and salt. To make a sweet dessert dish, sugar is added to it. To vary the taste, the milk mixture is mixed with fruit, cheese or greens. Often, when dipped in ordinary milk, bread is put in stewed fruit with sugar and cooked until ready, languishing under the lid.

3. For frying bread in a pan in milk, it is best to take a thick-walled "grandmother" pan or a modern non-stick coating. It is important to warm the pot and oil well, so that the milk mixture does not spread, but immediately fixes on the pieces.

4. Butter can be taken both creamy and vegetable, but it is best to use a mixture of fats. Be sure to monitor the amount of butter in the pan. With a lack of fat, the bread can burn, and with a large amount of it, it turns out to be too fat. The fire must be moderate, otherwise the butter and crumbs in it will be steeped up, and the fried bread will have an unpleasant rancid taste.

Bread in milk in a pan - “Sweet toasts”


• half loaf;

• half a cup of pasteurized milk;

• 50 gr. sugar sand;

• a quarter cup of drinking water.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the loaf into centimeter thick slices.

2. In hot water, dissolve the sugar until it is completely dissolved and pour the milk into the syrup, stir it.

3. In a frying pan with thick walls pour high-quality vegetable oil so that it completely covers the bottom, and warm it well.

4. Dip a piece of long loaf into the milk with one side, then quickly turn it over to wet the other side and immediately put it in the pan. Everything must be done very quickly, so that the breadcrumb did not have time to soak.

5. When the underside of the piece soaked in milk turns golden, turn the slice over and fry the other side.

Bread in milk in a pan with an egg


• loaf;

• two eggs;

• pasteurized 3.2% milk 100 ml;

• two tablespoons of sugar, sand;

• refined oil, best sunflower;

• creamy “Peasant” butter for frying.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the loaf into thin slices.

2. In a small bowl, slightly let loose the eggs, add granulated sugar, pour in the milk and, stirring well, bring the mixture to homogeneity.

3. Put some butter in the pan, add a little refined vegetable to it and warm the mixture of fats well over low heat.

4. Dip the pieces of bread in a sweet milk mixture and fry on both sides until a light blush.

Bread in milk in a pan - “Dessert toast with honey”


• four eggs;

• 120 ml of cow's milk;

• stale loaf - 8 pieces;

• two teaspoons of crushed cinnamon;

• small orange;

• liquid honey;

• natural butter for frying;

• Fresh berries raspberries, currants, you can pieces of fruit. Cooking Method:

1. Scald the orange with boiling water and scrape the zest with a fine grater.

2. In a bowl until homogeneous, let loose the eggs.

3. Mix warm, not hot, milk with cinnamon and orange zest. When the mixture has cooled, gently, stirring constantly, put eggs into it.

4. Slice a piece of loaf lightly dip on both sides of the milk mixture and let it soak a little, putting a slice on a plate or cutting board. You can prepare 2-3 pieces at a time, it all depends on the size of the pan.

5. While the bread is soaked, melt and warm the butter in the pan. Then put the bread soaked in cinnamon milk into the hot fat and fry on each side until it becomes golden.

6. When serving, pour the croutons with honey and serve with fresh berries or sliced ​​fruit with a cup of tea or coffee.

Bread in milk in a pan - “Apple toasts with sour cream”


• white wheat bread or long loaf - 200 gr .;

• 70 gr. butter;

• half a cup of 20% sour cream;

• two small apples;

• spoon of sugar;

• 100 ml of milk of any fat content;

• a small pinch of cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the bread into thin slices. Peel the apples and cut the fruit into small cubes.

2. Over medium heat in a frying pan, melt a spoonful of butter and dip apple slices into it. Add a spoonful of sugar, sprinkle with cinnamon. Mix well, extinguish under the lid until the pieces are completely softened, cool.

3. Put a little butter and vegetable oil in a clean frying pan, heat it. In a hot mixture of fat lay out moistened with milk pieces of bread.

4. When the underside is well-reddened, turn over, brush with sour cream and place some stewed apples on it. Put a little more sour cream on top and close the pan with a lid.

5. Reduce the level of the flame to a minimum and then croutons five minutes. Then extinguish the fire and hold under the lid for three minutes.

Bread in milk in a pan - “Cheese toasts”


• 16 slices of white, slightly dried bread;

• 100 gr. non-hard hard cheese;

• two eggs;

• two spoons of sour cream;

• 120 ml of pasteurized milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Grate the cheese with the finest grater. Press garlic with a press or rub it, like cheese, into a small grater.

2. In a separate bowl, add the eggs, add a little bit of salt and whisk, but not hard, enough for the yolks to evenly mix with the whites.

3. Pour the eggs to the crushed cheese, add sour cream, garlic and mix thoroughly.

4. Slices of bread quickly dip into the milk, remove and leave for a minute so that it is well absorbed. Do not soak all the bread at once, it is enough to first prepare only three slices or focus on the size of the pan and do not prepare more bread than you can fry at one time.

5. Dip moistened with milk pieces in a cheese mixture and fry in vegetable oil to a light blush.

6. If the mixture is too thick and you cannot roll the bread with it, apply a thin layer of cheese on one side and fry it first. Then grease the second side of the slice with the cheese mass, turn it over and fry.

Bread in milk in a pan - “French banana toasts”


• four thin large slices of bread (white);

• one banana;

• a teaspoon of sugar;

• half a teaspoon of vanilla;

• one egg;

• half a cup of milk;

• icing sugar - 1/2 tbsp. l .;

• homemade butter, cream - 60 g.

Cooking Method:

1. On a fine grater, rub a banana, pour the egg into the mashed potatoes, add the vanilla sugar, sweeten with the usual and mix thoroughly.

2. Pour milk into a wide deep plate.

3. Over moderate heat, melt butter in a frying pan.

4. Each bread slice quickly dip with both sides of the milk, then into a banana mixture and immediately put in the pan. 5. Fry one side at first for two minutes, then turn over and fry the other.

6. Do not use intense fire, otherwise the butter will burn and the toast will become unpleasant and rancid to the taste.

7. Powder the toasted bread with powdered sugar and serve with honey or sour cream.

Bread in milk in a pan - “Savory toasts with greens and suluguni”


• 200 gr. stale loaf;

• half a cup of milk;

• eggs - 3 pcs .;

• white flour - 60 gr .;

• 150 gr. uncooked suluguni;

• fresh parsley - a few twigs;

• spices - to taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Suluguni grate on a medium grater, chop parsley with a knife. Baton cut into slices no more than 0.6 cm thick.

2. In the milk, enter the flour, eggs and whisk everything well.

3. Add spices to taste, a little salt, chopped parsley, cheese and mix thoroughly.

4. Moisten the sliced ​​loaf in the batter on both sides and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.

Bread in milk in a pan - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Using only milk for wetting the bread, you need to quickly dip the bread slices into it so that the crumb does not have time to soak too much. Soaked bread will stick to the pan and burn.

• Frying oil can take any, and if there is no oil - cream margarine will do.

• Vegetable oil always goes less than butter, but when roasting in butter, crispy crust is more tender.

• Milk, if desired or necessary, can be replaced by other dairy products. For example, sour cream will give croutons to the cookers of bread in a pan more pomp, kefir - more tart taste, and cream will soak the pieces with a more refined aroma.

• The first pieces are always slightly oily. To remove excess fat, put the first fried slices on a disposable towel. • If you want bread baked in milk, but not skinned, dry a little sliced ​​fresh in the oven and use after cooling.

• It would be unfair to bypass another recipe. Perhaps he will like more of the above, because it is most likely that the tradition of frying bread in milk in a frying pan began. Need a rough "gray" loaf of flour of the second grade. Cut into pieces, centimeter thick, cover with a sheet of paper and leave overnight. In a mortar, we crush and rub a couple of garlic teeth, season with salt, add two pinches of black and one red pepper, stir and apply a little on the bread slices on one side. The second side will be dipped in milk. Soften a tablespoon of thick cream or homemade butter, grate there 70 grams of dried cheese. In a pan, heat the fat from the fat, set aside greaves, drain the lard. You will have to fry everything very quickly, so prepare sharp slices in advance. In a preheated pan, pour 1-2 large spoons of lard, dip the appropriate number of garlic slices into the milk with the anointed side into the pan. Once lightly browned - turn over and put half a teaspoon of cheese-oil mixture, level. Let the other side redden.

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