Salad with chicken and mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook salads from chicken with mushrooms.

Salad with chicken and mushrooms - the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook salads from chicken with mushrooms.

There are many different types of salads in the world, some of which are easy to prepare and quite complex. Some of us prefer this type of salads, which successfully replace dinner or even lunch, including ingredients with a high content of vitamins and minerals, others prefer to do with a simple composition of salad, using them to garnish. If you open the door of your refrigerator, then there you can always find products that, when combined, can turn into a salad. Recall, at least, the origin of the famous Caesar salad, which was born precisely on such a fact. It is the minimum supply of products that made the Italian culinary specialist of Italian origin create a masterpiece of cooking, which has not lost its popularity until today.

Now we will look at several options for recipes, the main ingredients of which will be chicken and mushrooms, and adding a few more ingredients made them different. Salad itself is an excellent dish, and if it consists of low-calorie foods with a high content of vitamins and minerals, then this is generally an ideal option.

Recipe 1. Chicken salad with mushrooms, with the addition of cheese

This salad is quite rich, but it does not overload the stomach. You can, of course, use mayonnaise as a gas station, but if you are a supporter of the perfect figure and follow every calorie consumed, then replace mayonnaise with yogurt. Required products: chicken fillet - 0.5 kg; chicken egg - 4-5 pieces; champignons - 0.5 kg; cheese - 300 g; carrot - 1 pc; onions - 1 pc; Corn oil and yogurt (mayonnaise) - to taste.

Prepare the products, and first wash them well under running water. Drain and take up cutting. Mushrooms cut into small cubes. Carrots and onions rubbed on a coarse grater. Pour some corn or olive oil into the pan a little and send the mushrooms, onions and carrots. Remember that you should not pour a lot of oil, because in the process of extinguishing the mushrooms release their juice.

Separately, boil eggs and chicken fillet. When everything is cool to room temperature, take the chicken breast and cut it into cubes. Grate the eggs and grated cheese and mix all the ingredients together gently. Fill the salad with yogurt (mayonnaise) and put it in the fridge for 20-30 minutes. Before serving, put the salad on a pillow of green lettuce leaves, and from above we can decorate with roasted walnuts and thin slices of cheese. Yummy!

Recipe 2. Salad with Chicken and Pickled Mushrooms

The combination of chicken fillet with pickled mushrooms gave this salad a great taste and interesting aftertaste. To prepare it you need the following ingredients: fillet - 1 pc; marinated mushrooms - 1 can; carrot - 1 pc; mayonnaise or yogurt - 4-5 tbsp .; fresh herbs, salt and pepper - to taste.

The first thing we need to do is to clean the chicken fillet from excess fat and hryashchiki, wash and put it in a pot of boiling salted water. In a separate pot, we cook the carrots. After the boiled ingredients have cooled, we cut the carrot into small cubes and carefully separate the fillets into fibers. Pour marinade from the jar and chop the mushrooms nicely into slices. All ingredients are neatly mixed, seasoned with salt to taste and season with mayonnaise or yogurt. Ready to put the beautiful salad on a plate, laid with fresh lettuce. From above we decorate salad with finely chopped greens and we can serve it to the table. Try this option - very tasty!

Recipe 3. Chicken fillet salad, mushrooms and tomatoes

The main feature of this salad is that we fill it not with mayonnaise or yogurt, but mustard dressing, which will give the salad its original taste and aftertaste. Prepare: chicken fillet - 200 g; fresh champignons; Bulgarian pepper - 0.5 pcs; tomatoes - 1-2 pieces average value; Light mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste. For serving, we need fresh green salad leaves, which we immediately drop into ice water and send to the fridge.

Let's start cooking. Clean the mushrooms, wash it. Cut into 4 parts and send to the pan to fry in olive oil. In salted water, boil chicken fillet. Let cool the products and we can proceed to the formation of the salad. The first thing we need to do is to prepare a beautiful, broad dish for salad and lay it with a salad cushion, pre-dried leaves. Cut the fillet into cubes and mix it with fried mushrooms. From light mayonnaise, grainy mustard and lemon juice prepare the sauce. You can beat all the ingredients, then salt and pepper to taste. Dress the salad and put it in the middle of the plate. Half a bell pepper cleaned of fibers and seeds, cut it into cubes and sprinkle on top of the salad. Cut the tomato into slices and lay them in a circle of lettuce. If desired, you can decorate the salad with sesame seeds and thin slices of hard cheese.

Recipe 4. Salad with Chicken, Mushrooms and Pineapples

The original and delicious salad made from chicken fillet, mushrooms and pineapples can really take its rightful place in your kitchens. Cooking this salad is not at all difficult. To prepare you need to prepare: chicken breast - 2 pieces; eggs - 5 pieces; canned pineapple 1 can; champignons - 1 bank; onions - 1 pc; mustard granular and mayonnaise - for refueling.

In this salad you need to use non-marinated champignons. And ordinary, boiled or f buy fresh mushrooms and boil them in salted water. In another pot, boil our chicken breasts. Still need to boil chicken eggs. Let the ingredients cool. While they are cooling, clean the bulb and finely chop it. Remove the eggshells from cold eggs and separate the whites from the yolks. Finely chop egg whites with a sharp knife and mix it with onions. Pound egg yolks and mix with mayonnaise and mustard. Add a little pineapple juice and mix again and leave the sauce in the fridge for 20-25 minutes. Chicken breast and pineapple cut into slices, mix with boiled mushrooms, season with chilled sauce and can be served. Put it on a beautiful plate, garnish with green lettuce and pomegranate seeds.

Recipe 5. Chicken Salad with Mushrooms and Broccoli

Of course, this salad, prepared according to this recipe, will strike you with its unique aroma and magnificent combination of taste of all ingredients. This salad is not only tasty and light, but also satisfying. Ingredients Required: Chicken Breast - 0.5 kg; fresh champignons - 300 g; fresh frozen broccoli - 0.5 kg; pickled gherkins - 10 pcs; mayonnaise - to taste, curry - 0.5 tsp; cooking oil for frying.

Let's get to work. Put a pot of water, add salt and immediately after boiling, dip the chicken breast in it. Cook over medium heat, periodically removing the foam skimmer. When the foam ceases to form, we will cover the pot with a lid and cook for half an hour at minimum heat. Choose the meat from the pan and put it on a plate - let it cool down. Chilled fillets can be torn into fibers with your hands or cut into cubes. Set aside and take on the next ingredient - broccoli.

Pour some water into a saucepan, bring it to a boil and send freshly frozen broccoli into it. Reduce heat to minimum and blanch in boiling water for 5 minutes. Immediately drain the water through a colander and let it drain completely all the water. Set aside, let cool slightly, then cut the broccoli into small pieces. If you have large inflorescences, it is enough to cut into 4 parts. Small inflorescences do not need to be cut. Now we wash the champignons under the tap and cut them into slices (slices). Pour vegetable oil into a frying pan and send mushrooms into it. Stir with a silicone spatula and fry them on medium heat until golden brown, stirring occasionally. At the end of cooking, add salt and a little ground pepper.

Grind small marinated gherkins into cubes.

Now prepare a salad dressing and begin to collect it. Pour mayonnaise into a bowl or cup, add curry and mix well.

We collect the salad. Put in a deep bowl pieces of chicken, fried mushrooms, broccoli and cubes of gherkins. Stir with a spoon and add the cooked mayonnaise and curry sauce. We recommend that each of the guests separately submit a small saucepan with sauce to this salad - let each person add to himself the amount of sauce he needs.

Try to make this salad, which perfectly combines the taste of all its ingredients.

Secrets and useful tips from chefs

- Before lowering the chicken fillet in boiling water, be sure to salt some water and clean the breast from the film and fat layer.

- The amount of sauce or dressings for salads, you must choose yourself, depending on your taste preferences.

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