Salad "Grouse's Nest" (step-by-step recipe) is the beauty of the serving and the harmony of taste. "Grouse's Nest" with mushrooms and fresh cabbage - step by step


Salad "Grouse's Nest" was first cooked in the last century. At that time, hunting for this bird was popular in Russia. She was the main ingredient of the salad. Hence the name of the dish.

Salad “Grouse's Nest” (step-by-step recipe) - the basic principles of cooking

Today, almost no one to hunt wood grouse, as this bird belongs to an endangered species. Modern chefs make this poultry salad: turkey and chicken. In some cases, for cooking use pork or beef.

Salad “Grouse's Nest” will decorate any table. He has such an extraordinary presentation that it will be appropriate even in an expensive restaurant. At the same time it is prepared from the most ordinary products.

For the preparation of snacks you will need: chicken and quail eggs, mayonnaise, chicken fillet, vinegar, hard cheese, fresh cucumbers, melted cheese, raw potatoes, dill and spices. As you can see, these products will be found in every home.

Poultry meat is laid out in a saucepan, poured water and put on the stove. Cook on low heat. When the broth begins to boil, carefully remove the foam with a spoon or skimmer. Continue cooking meat until tender. For taste and aroma you can add peppercorns and greens tied in a bunch. The finished meat is removed from the broth, put on a plate and cooled. The meat is cut into small bars.

Onions cleaned from the husk. Crush thin quarter rings. Onions shift to a small bowl. Water salt, add sugar and vinegar. Thoroughly mix and pour the onion mixture. Marinate about half an hour. This is done in order to get rid of bitterness. In the salad, you can use sweet purple onions. His pickling is not necessary.

Raw potatoes are peeled. Carefully wash and cut into very thin straws. This can be done with a sharp knife, or a special device for cutting vegetables. Sliced ​​potatoes are dried on a towel and fry until golden brown. Fry the potatoes need to be deep-fried. To do this, use the fryer. If you do not have it, take a small cauldron, pour a lot of oil into it and heat it to a boil over the fire. Potatoes are laid in small batches so that they do not turn into porridge. Prepared potato straw spread on a plate, covered with paper towel. She will absorb excess fat. Eggs are boiled for ten minutes.

Cheese is freed from the film and cut paraffin crust. Crush eggs and grated cheese with large sections.

Fresh cucumbers are washed, cut from two sides. If the skin is bitter or hard, it is cut. Vegetable cut into thin strips.

A bunch of dill is rinsed, lightly dried and finely chopped with a sharp knife.

Salad spread layers on a beautiful dish. The bottom of the plate can be covered with lettuce leaves. The first layer lay out pickled onions. Pre-removing it from the marinade and squeezing. On the layer of onion put chicken meat. Over a layer of chicken evenly spread fresh cucumbers. The next layer is eggs and cheese chips. Each layer, including the last, is coated with mayonnaise.

In the center they make a small depression and sprinkle it with dill. In a circle salad wrapped with french fries.

Boiled quail eggs peeled from the shell, cut them along and remove the yolks. Spread them in a bowl. Add to them processed cheese, dill and mayonnaise. Carefully grind and fill the resulting mixture of proteins. Combine the halves and lay the eggs in the recess.

You can do it differently: chop eggs on the smallest grater, add mayonnaise, processed cheese and mix thoroughly and make small testicles from the resulting mass.

We have analyzed the process of preparing a classic snack, but there are many options for preparing the salad “Grouse's Nest”. It may contain fried or marinated mushrooms, fresh vegetables, nuts, ham, etc.

If you follow the weight, you can not overlay the salad not with fried potatoes, but with large cheese chips.

Salad “Grouse's Nest” (step-by-step recipe) is left for a while to make the layers soak.

Recipe 1. Salad “Grouse's Nest”: a step-by-step recipe with mushrooms


chicken fillet of one carcass;


300 g fresh mushrooms;

sour cream;

ten medium sized tubers;

vegetable oil; small onion;

freshly ground pepper;

four chicken eggs;


100 g carrots in Korean;

five lettuce leaves;

garlic clove;

six sprigs of dill and parsley.

Method of preparation

1. Start with cooking french fries. Pour a sufficiently large amount of vegetable oil into the pan and heat it over low heat. Half of the potatoes are peeled, washed, wiped with a napkin and cut into thin strips. This can be done with a special device for cutting vegetables. Put the potatoes in boiling oil, stir and fry for a couple of minutes, without covering with a lid. Lightly salt and continue to fry, regularly pereshivaya, until golden brown. We take out the potatoes with a skimmer, give the oil to drain, and shift to a wide dish.

2. Cut the chicken fillet into small slices, lightly salt and pepper. From the pan, in which the potatoes were fried, drain half the oil. We put it on an intense fire and heat it up. Spread chicken fillet and fry for five minutes, stirring continuously. Then we twist the fire to a minimum, pour in a little boiled water, put a couple of spoons of sour cream, squeeze the garlic, mix, cover with a lid and stew, stirring regularly, for half an hour. Ready meat is transferred to the plate.

3. Peel the rest of the potatoes, cut them in half, put them in a saucepan, fill with water and set to cook until soft. Before the end of cooking salt. Carefully pour the broth into a separate container. Add to the potato a little vegetable oil, a spoonful of sour cream and mayonnaise. Mash potatoes, pouring a little broth, until you get a smooth mashed potatoes. Add most of the finely chopped greens and mix.

4. Put eggs into a saucepan, fill with water and boil hard boiled. We take out, douse with cold water and cool. We clear from the shell. Separate the yolk from the protein. The last finely crumbled knife. We knead the yolk with a fork and add to the mashed potatoes. Stir. 5. Wash my mushrooms, cut into small pieces. Peeled onion finely crumbled. In the pan, where the chicken was stewed, pour in the oil, which we poured after the potatoes. Heat and lay onions. Fry, stirring, until transparent. Add mushrooms, stir, cover and simmer, turn down the heat, for about ten minutes. Salt, add sour cream, stir and cook the same amount of time. Put the mushrooms in a bowl of chicken, add chicken proteins and mix. Here we lay out the carrots in Korean and mix again.

6. From the mashed potatoes form a few small eggs and lay them on a plate. The rest mashed potatoes lay in a bowl with chicken and mushrooms. Stir.

7. Dish is covered with lettuce leaves. We spread the salad in the form of a small slide. In the center we make a recess, sprinkle it with greens and put eggs from potatoes. Boca lettuce wrapped with french fries.

Recipe 2. Salad “Grouse's Nest”: a step-by-step recipe with fresh cabbage


320 g fresh cabbage;

bell pepper;

four boiled eggs;

one bunch of parsley, dill and green onions;

small lemon;

300 g of mushrooms;


four cloves of garlic;

180 grams of prunes;

200 g of nuts;

400 g smoked chicken breast;

2 bags of crackers;

olive oil.

Method of preparation

1. Take a deep, wide dish and place a form with a diameter of ten centimeters in its center. This will form a beautiful salad. Put the croutons on the bottom of the mold.

2. Wash mushrooms, cut into small pieces. Put the pan on the fire, pour in the oil and heat it. Put the mushrooms and fry, constantly stirring, until light rudiness. Cool the mushrooms and lay them on top of the croutons. Coat this layer with mayonnaise.

3. Cut half of smoked chicken into small pieces. Spread evenly over the mushrooms.

4. Put the eggs in a saucepan, cover with water and boil for about ten minutes. Remove the eggs from the boiling water, rinse with cold water and clean. Separate the yolks from the proteins. Last rub over the chicken. Grease the egg layer with mayonnaise. 5. Peel the garlic and pass through the garlic press. Add chopped nuts. Prune finely chop. Cabbage chop very thin straws. Combine everything and mix. Sprinkle the resulting mass with lemon juice and pour mayonnaise. Put in the form.

6. Top with finely chopped smoked meat. Garnish with lemon slices and prunes. Carefully remove the form. In the center make a recess. Prune it with small rings of green onions and greens.

7. Rub lemon peel. Roll yolks in it, insert black peppercorns in chaotic order. Put the testicles in the recess.

Salad “Grouse's Nest” (step-by-step recipe) - tips and tricks

Salad can be covered not only with french fries, but also with large hard cheese shavings.

Instead of mayonnaise, you can use sour cream, or a mixture of these two products.

To keep the potatoes from being so bold, lay them on a paper towel. It absorbs excess fat.

The salad should be left for some time so that the ingredients are saturated with the aromas and flavors of each other.

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