Lenten salads - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lenten salads.

Lenten salads - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook lenten salads.

Lenten salads - general principles of cooking

Salads are not only easy, but also a tasty, nutritious dish. That is why they are simply indispensable for those who adhere to the post. Prepare salads from fresh, boiled, fermented, dried, pickled, or frozen vegetables and fruits, which are always requested in your plate, and eat them at any time of the day.

What kind of vegetables can you make lean salad? Everything is simple here: beets, carrots, cabbage, turnips, radish, pumpkin. As well as onions, garlic, zucchini and, of course, all kinds of greens. To get all these vegetables is not difficult, even in the midst of a harsh winter, not to mention summer. Rice, buckwheat and other cereals will be an excellent addition to them.

If the post is not strict, feel free to add salted, canned, smoked or boiled fish. Enjoy its excellent taste, because in Lent on your table will not be not only this inhabitant of rivers and lakes, but also products such as eggs, meat, dairy products and fats of plant origin. True, on Palm Sunday and even on the Annunciation you will again be able to pamper yourself with fish. And on Lazarus Saturday, allow yourself to taste the real delicacy - fish caviar.

During the fast mayonnaise or sour cream under the strictest ban? Mustard, horseradish, soy mayonnaise, sauce or regular vegetable oil will be a good alternative. And you can even pick up such juicy ingredients that do not require any refueling. For those who feel like a real chef in the kitchen, we advise you to prepare interesting mixed dressings for lenten salads.

Diversify your diet and every day to create new salads from the usual products is very simple. It is enough to change the composition of the ingredients.

Lenten salads - food preparation

To make the salad tasty and healthy, you need to learn how to cook it. Few people know that vegetables, herbs and fruits have secrets, revealing which, we can cook a delicious dish. For example, in the leaves of green lettuce, you first need to remove the veins, the stems, cut off the roots, because it is there that all nitrates live, but there is no way to find vitamins in these parts. To keep the leaves strong and crispy, dip them several times in icy water, then let the water drain and dry well on a paper towel. Priviedshiy salad is easy to reanimate, dropping it in hot and then in cold water with vinegar.

Greens clean the roots, remove all the rotted, faded or yellowed leaves. If the greens are very dirty, you can dip it for 20 minutes in cold water, and then rinse it again under running water. Young cucumbers simply wash, but the old need to peel. Do not salt the cucumbers in advance, otherwise they will become watery.

Strong and ripe tomatoes, wash, remove the stem and cut to your taste. If, on prescription, it is required that the tomatoes are skinless, slit them crosswise, lower them in boiling water and then in ice water. As a result, the skin can be easily removed, and the tomato itself will remain whole and beautiful. Turnips and turnips should be peeled before cooking, and when the vegetables have cooled, cut them into slices or cubes. When choosing a radish, give preference to large root vegetables. And do not forget to weigh it in your hand. It often happens that a seemingly large radish is empty inside.

Lenten salads - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Fasting lettuce with nuts and cauliflower

Salad turns out very nourishing due to walnuts, which, moreover, give it some piquancy. As for cabbage, then it can be used both in raw and blanched form. In any case, it will be very tasty. If you decide to use the second option, divide the cabbage into inflorescences and dip them in salted boiling water for a few minutes, then drain it in a colander.


- cauliflower (inflorescence) 600-700 gr.

- parsley

- cilantro, a little dill

- 100 grams of walnuts

- olive oil (sunflower is acceptable) - salt

Cooking Method:

So, you have already decided in what form you will use cauliflower? Fine! Grind it finely, whether it is raw or boiled. Fresh greens, of course, wash, be sure to dry and chop. Fry the nuts in a hot pan with the addition of a small amount of oil, then grind them in a mortar so that the pieces are large in size. We send the ingredients to the salad bowl, fill the salad with salt, oil, mix thoroughly and serve.

Recipe 2: Lenten salad with smoked sea fish

This recipe is intended for a non-strict fasting, since fish is one of the components of the salad. Having tried this dish once, you will want to cook it again and again: the salad has such an unusual and delicate taste. The culprit of such a solemn review - smoked sea fish, which has not only amazing taste, but also contains valuable substances in its composition.


- 100 gr. smoked sea fish (any)

- Marinated mushrooms 50 gr.

- two boiled potatoes

- pickled cucumber 1 pc.

- one green apple

- green salad leaves

- salt, parsley

- Vegetable oil 1-2 table. l

Cooking Method:

Cut fish fillets into small slices. Peel the middle apple from the skin and seeds (we cut the core completely) and cut it into strips. With cucumber do the same. Mushrooms chopped plastics. We combine all the ingredients, we supplement the salad with salt, oil and chopped greens. Traditionally, before serving, such a dish is spread on the leaves of green salad and only after that is eaten.

Recipe 3: Fasting fruit and berry salad

Delicious, easy and easy to prepare dessert! Such a salad is prepared for no more than five minutes, but the benefits of it are simply colossal. And sweet ingredients will give a charge of vivacity and excellent mood for the whole day.


- cherry - one handful

- prunes (raisins, persimmon or dates) - one handful - one large sweet apple

- one juicy pear

- 2 tangerines

- 50-60 gr. strawberry (strawberry) puree

- 50-60 gr. banana puree

Cooking Method:

Remove the bones from the cherries (if the berry is frozen - defrost it first in a colander so as to stack extra juice). Prune cut into pieces. Apples, pears and slices of tangerines cut into cubes and mix them in a salad bowl. Preparing a salad dressing: mix the mashed banana and strawberry cooked on your own or purchased at the store. We fill up our salad and serve it to the table.

Recipe 4: Lenten salad with vegetables and rice

A lean dish with the addition of boiled cereal (in our case, rice) is the most satisfying and “serious” option than the one made from vegetables alone. Such a salad is prepared fairly quickly and, due to the fact that it does not contain any vegetable oil, it can be prepared not only on Saturday and Sunday during Lent, but also on weekdays when oil consumption is unacceptable.


- 150 gr. rice (better long grain)

- 1 red pepper

- one yellow pepper

- one tomato

- one red onion

- 3-4 spring onions

- a small bunch of dill

- grated lemon zest 1 teas.

- lemon juice 2 table. lie

- salt to taste, slightly ground pepper

Cooking Method:

Boil rice until ready, cool it. Onion cut into half rings. Pepper cleaned of stalks and seeds. Crush tomato and pepper into equal pieces. Greens (dill and green onions) finely chop. Mix in a salad bowl or any other deep bowl rice, chopped vegetables, chopped greens and grated lemon zest. We also add salt, pepper to taste and sprinkle the salad with lemon juice. The ingredients are evenly mixed. After which the dish can be served.

Recipe 5: Lenten salad with calamari

This option is a lean salad, perhaps one of the most successful. He is so close to our normal diet. But again, we make a reservation - this recipe is not intended for the strictest post. Ingredients:

- jar of squid

- pickled cucumber

- 2 boiled potatoes

- 1 head of turnip

- pickled mushrooms half a cup

- lean mayonnaise

- parsley leaves

Cooking Method:

Drain liquid from squid and cut carcasses into strips. Cut cucumbers similarly - straws. Mushrooms, if they are large, also grind into 2-4 pieces depending on the size. Onion cut into half rings. All the ingredients are mixed in a salad bowl. If salt is necessary, add it to taste. We fill the salad with mayonnaise and let it stand in the fridge for about half an hour. Before serving, decorate it on top with parsley leaves.

Recipe 6: Lenten salad with white beans and tuna

Salad can be prepared from beans, canned in their own juice or tomato sauce. It does not matter. Salad tuna can also be used any, but it is better if it is not crushed in the package.


- canned tuna 200 gr.

- can of white beans

- 2 tomatoes

- 1 red onion

- 1 table. lie olive oil

- Grape vinegar 2 tbsp. lie

- dried basil half tsp

- dried oregano half tbsp

- salt and pepper

Cooking Method:

Mix olive oil, vinegar, basil and oregano, add salt and pepper and infuse the mixture for about 15 minutes. Tomatoes cut into cubes, finely chop the onion. From the cans with beans and tuna pour liquid, tuna cut into medium pieces. All the ingredients are mixed in a deep bowl and pour the salad oil-vinegar dressing. The dish is ready!

Recipe 7. Vinaigrette with tuna


two pieces each beets, potatoes and carrots;

two tsp of grated horseradish;

a glass of sauerkraut;

10 ml of balsamic vinegar;

half onion;

olive oil;

can of tuna;

salty cracker;

green onions.

Method of preparation

Washed vegetables boil directly in the peel. Cool and clean.

Peel the onion and cut into half rings. Put in a deep bowl and cover with balsamic vinegar. Leave to marinate for a few minutes. Squeeze sauerkraut and chop with a knife. Cut the potatoes into cubes. Grind carrots with long strips. Crumble the beets into small pieces. Put all the vegetables in a deep bowl. Add cabbage and pickled onions. Pour over all the olive oil, put grated horseradish. Mix everything well and place the salad on a wide dish. Spread tuna slices on top and sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Recipe 8. Potato salad with green peas and cilantro


400 g young potatoes;

20 grams of lemon juice;

300 g green peas;

20 g cilantro (coriander);

half a bunch of green onions;

black pepper and salt;

60 ml of olive oil;

pinch of ground cumin;

a piece of green chili pepper.

Method of preparation

Wash new potatoes well and boil, not peeling, until soft. Drain and cool. Crush it into a small cube.

Pour olive oil in a plate, salt and season with jura, black pepper and chopped chili pepper. All well whisk. Add lemon juice and whisk the dressing again.

Drain with peas pickle. Put it in the potato. Peel and chop the onion. Add cilantro and onion to salad. Pour over the salad in a fragrant dressing and mix. Put in a salad bowl and garnish with cilantro.

Recipe 9. Fasting “Mimosa” salad with corn


four potatoes;

lean mayonnaise;

two carrots;


200 grams of canned corn;

a can of tuna, saury or pink salmon;


Method of preparation

Rinse the vegetables, put them in the cauldron, cover with water and boil right in the skin for half an hour. Drain, cool and clean.

Open the canned fish, mash the fish with a fork and lay it on a flat, wide dish.

Peel, rinse and finely chop the onion. Put the chopped onion on the fish.

Peel the potatoes and cut into small cubes, or rub with large chips. Put it evenly on the bow. Salt and grease this layer with lean mayonnaise.

Peel and grate the carrots. Lay out the next layer. Salt and coat the mayonnaise again. Open the can of corn, drain the brine and carefully place it evenly with the last layer. Refrigerate for three hours so that all layers are well soaked.

Recipe 10. Fasting salad “Unexpected guests”


600 g canned pineapple;

150 grams of lean mayonnaise;

two pods of sweet pepper;

a pack of rye crackers;


tin canned corn.

Method of preparation

Rinse Beijing cabbage and chop thin “noodles”. Transfer to a wide container and slightly jam your hands.

Open a jar of corn, drain the pickle and place it in the cabbage.

Drain the canned pineapple syrup and cut the rings into small pieces. They also send to the cabbage.

Rinse the sweet peppers, wipe them with a napkin, cut the stem and remove the seeds. Crush short, thin straws. Transfer to a container of vegetables. Pour rye croutons here.

Season the salad with mayonnaise and mix.

Recipe 11. Fast mushroom salad Amanita


400 g of canned corn;

200 g cherry tomatoes;


500 g of salt mushrooms;

250 ml of lean mayonnaise;

100 g Korean carrot;

400 g canned white beans.

Method of preparation

Wash and finely chop the mushrooms.

Open the beans, pour out the brine, put it in a bowl and pour boiling water over it. Drain the water. We spread crushed mushrooms to the beans.

Korean carrot squeezed from the juice and put to the beans.

Merge the brine from the corn and lay it to the rest of the ingredients.

We fill the salad with mayonnaise and mix well. We shift the salad in a deep, wide plate. From above we lay out halves of cherry tomatoes, cut down. Mayonnaise makes them little dots. Around the salad decorate with greens.

Recipe 12. Fasting pumpkin salad


600 g pumpkin;

2 carrots;

5 apples;


75 g of ground walnuts;

80 g of honey;


Method of preparation

Peel the walnuts, put them in a bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Peel and rinse the carrots and pumpkin. Coarsely rub the pumpkin and chop the carrot into straws.

Peel the lemon zest. In a separate bowl squeeze juice from it.

Peel the apples and chop into thin strips.

Dissolve honey in lemon juice and mix well.

Put all in a deep bowl, pour honey-lemon dressing and mix. Put in a deep salad bowl with a slide, and garnish with greens and sprinkle with chopped nuts.

Lenten salads - useful tips

Someone thinks that the lean table is fresh and boring. How wrong they are! We hope our recipes described above will be able to prove you the opposite and will help to diversify the diet not only for followers of fasting, but also for people leading a healthy lifestyle.

For a change, you can change the ingredients for refueling on your own. Indeed, in this case, the dish acquires completely new flavors and does not “become boring” so quickly. For example, you can figure out a hot sauce made from vegetable oil, vinegar (wine or balsamic), spices (marjoram, basil, thyme, rosemary, etc.) and garlic. Or use tomato sauce from finely chopped fried onions with the addition of tomatoes and red pepper. In general, experiment and eat on health!

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