Sour cream frosting is a great addition to home baking. The best recipes for sour cream glaze with cocoa, lemon juice, chocolate

Sour cream frosting is a great addition to home baking. The best recipes for sour cream glaze with cocoa, lemon juice, chocolate

Homemade pastries always turn out delicious, and icing will make it more beautiful. The decoration of sour cream does not dry out and does not crumble, and you can easily put it on a cake or cake with a spatula.

Sour cream frosting - basic cooking principles

Even a beginning hostess can cook icing from sour cream. You do not need to have special culinary skills.

Recipes for this decoration a lot. Frosting is prepared on the basis of cream, sour cream, milk and even water. To flavor it add vanilla or citrus juice. The recipe is chosen depending on the result that they want to get. So, the icing on the water will have a soft matte shade. The coating will gain shine if you add butter to the composition.

Glaze can be prepared in different colors by adding cocoa or a natural dye.

Ingredients for coating combine and mix. Dishes with the mixture put on a slow fire and cook, stirring continuously, until you get a homogeneous mixture without lumps.

How well the icing falls on the surface of the cake or cake depends on when you apply it. Too hot icing will drain. The mass should cool slightly, then it can be applied smoothly with a scapula. Cool icing applied to dessert will not work beautifully, as it will go lumps.

Recipe 1. Sour cream icing with lemon juice and sugar


half a cup of powdered sugar;

10 ml of lemon juice;

80 g sour cream fat.

Method of preparation

Sugar powder, sift, to avoid lumps. If you could not get it in the store, do not worry, powder can be made independently. To do this, pour the sugar into a coffee grinder and grind. Put sour cream in a small cup, add sugar powder in it and stir until completely homogeneous.

Squeeze the juice from the lemon and add it to the sour cream mixture. Here you can rub the zest. Stir again. Apply the finished icing on the cake or cupcake.

Recipe 2. Cocoa sour cream icing


75 g granulated sugar;

10 g high quality cocoa;

a small piece of butter;

50 g sour cream 30% fat.

Method of preparation

Take a small enameled saucepan. Put sour cream in it, add cocoa powder and granulated sugar to it. Mix everything thoroughly and place on the stove. Turn on the fire to the minimum level. Boil, continuously stirring with a spatula, until the sugar has melted completely. Turn off the heat and place the saucepan on the stand.

Add butter to the hot glaze and whisk thoroughly. Leave the icing to cool until warm. To make the glaze taste more expressive, add about half a spoonful of cocoa.

Recipe 3. Sour cream icing with dark chocolate


a cup of powdered sugar;

half a cup of sour cream;

15 ml of corn syrup;

5 ml vanilla extract;

a piece of butter;

100 g of black chocolate.

Method of preparation

Break a bar of black chocolate into pieces, place in a bowl and place it over a pan of boiling water. Add a piece of butter.

Melt the chocolate by constantly stirring with a spatula until it becomes a homogeneous mixture. Now add corn syrup and vanilla extract. Stir.

Cool the melted chocolate slightly. While it cools, combine the sour cream with powdered sugar, and whisk until smooth. In small portions add the sour cream mixture to the melted chocolate while stirring intensively. Cover the pastry with the finished glaze.

Recipe 4: Sour cream icing with white chocolate


white chocolate - tile;

white sugar - 100 g;

sour cream 25% - 100 g;

butter - 120 g

Method of preparation

Put sour cream in an enamel saucepan, add sugar to it and whisk with a whisk until it is completely dissolved.

Add soft butter to the sour cream mixture. Stir. Break a bar of white chocolate into pieces. Add to saucepan and mix.

Put on a slow fire and cook, stirring continuously, until the first signs of boiling appear. Cool the prepared glaze to a warm state and apply on baking. For color, you can add food coloring or berry syrup.

Recipe 5: Chocolate icing from sour cream with vegetable oil


75 ml of fat sour cream;

100 g of cocoa powder;

10 ml of sunflower refined oil;

75 g cane sugar.

Method of preparation

Pour sugar into a small saucepan, sift cocoa powder to it and rub well with a spoon.

Add sour cream to the dry mix and mix.

We put on the minimum fire and cook, stirring constantly, for about three minutes. The mass should slightly thicken.

Remove stewpan from heat. Pour in refined vegetable oil and stir well. Cover the pastry with the finished glaze.

Recipe 6: Cheese rolls, covered with sour cream glaze, at home


200 g of cottage cheese;

1 g of vanilla;

35 g butter;

100 g of powdered sugar;

sour cream icing.

Method of preparation

Cottage cheese spread in a deep cup, pre-grind it through a sieve. Add butter and icing sugar. We interrupt the curd mass with powder to a smooth homogeneous mass.

We put on gloves, wet our hands in water, take some curd mass and form oblong cheese from it. Putting blanks on the board and put in the freezer for a quarter of an hour. Then we take out, give the curds a smoother form, and send another five minutes into the freezer. Prepare the icing from sour cream in any way presented above. Dip cheese in a warm icing, spread on a board and send in the fridge so that it will freeze.

Recipe 7. Cake under sour cream icing


a pack of butter;

30 ml of hot water;

300 g of white sugar;

25 g of cocoa powder;

two eggs;

a glass of 10% cream;

10 ml vanilla extract;

a pinch of salt;

300 g of flour;

10 g of baking powder;

chocolate icing from sour cream.

Method of preparation

Put the soft oil in a deep dish, add sugar to it and beat with a mixer at medium speed to a creamy uniform state. Beat in one egg, carefully after each beating. Add vanilla extract and mix.

Combine flour with salt and baking powder. Sift the dry mixture. Alternately, in small portions enter the sifted flour and cream into the oil mixture. To get a homogeneous mass, start and finish with flour.

Put about two-thirds of the dough in a separate cup, add cocoa powder and three spoons of hot water. Beat with a mixer until smooth.

Grease a baking sheet with butter and place white dough in it. On it carefully, using a spoon, spread out the chocolate mass. With a knife or fork make chaotic divorces. Put the dough in a preheated oven. Bake for about half an hour. Cool the finished cake on a wire rack.

Prepare the chocolate glaze according to the recipe above. Cool it to a warm state and cover the cake with a spatula.

Recipe 8. Pie with carrot-cottage cheese balls under sour cream icing


Carrot Cheese Balls

a bag of vanilla sugar;

300 g of cottage cheese;

egg yolk;

80 g carrots;

50 g of white sugar.


a bag of vanilla sugar;

200 g of wheat flour;

10 g of baking powder;

150 ml of yogurt;

egg white;

120 g of sugar; three eggs;

100 g butter;

chocolate icing from sour cream.

Method of preparation

Curd the curd through a sieve into a deep cup. Add egg yolk and sugar to it. Thoroughly grind everything with the help of a crush. Clean the carrots, wash and chop them on a fine grater. Add to the cottage cheese mixture and mix. Dip your hands in water and roll small balls from the resulting mass.

Put the soft butter in a bowl, add the vanilla and white sugar, rub well. One by one, beat the eggs, after each carefully beating. Add yogurt and mix. Sift the flour with baking powder in parts into an egg-butter mixture and knead the dough.

Cover the form with parchment and place the curd-carrot balls into it. Fill them with dough and level the surface with a spatula. Put in the oven for forty minutes. Bake at 180C. Cool the finished cake on a wire rack.

Cook the chocolate glaze from sour cream. Cool it to a warm state and apply on the cake.

Sour Cream Frosting - Tips and Tricks

You can dilute too thick glaze with milk, or add more sour cream.

If the icing is too thin, correct this deficiency with flour or starch.

Baking is watered with mirror glaze, but in no case is applied with a spoon or spatula.

Cold-coated glaze needs to be consumed immediately, otherwise it will thicken and crystallize over time.

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