Fried apple pies - classic and original recipes. Cooking fried pies with apples is a pleasant experience

Fried apple pies - classic and original recipes. Cooking fried pies with apples is a pleasant experience

Fried pies - a tasty, albeit high-calorie meal. But this can be temporarily forgotten. Especially, if the filling in the pies - fruit, such as apples.

You can prepare the dish in the oven. But nothing compares to the ruddy crust that appears in pies, languishing in a griddle.

The aroma of food quickly gather at the table relatives and friends. Lush, fragrant and tender fried apple pies will tasty feed and energize for more than one hour. Having eaten food for lunch, dinner, you can easily skip.

Fried Apple Pies - General Cooking Principles

In the preparation of dishes using any dough: yeast, cottage cheese, flaky and even wine.

In addition to apples, cinnamon, vanilla, crushed nuts and raisins are added to the filling. You can also diversify its other fruits, such as pears.

As a rule, peels are removed from apples, the core is removed. Fruits are cut into small pieces. You can grind them with a grater.

The shape of the pie and its size is optional. The standard thickness of the dish is about a centimeter.

Patties fry on each side for two or three minutes. Oil is added so that it covers at least half of the product. You can cook the food and deep-fried.

Pies are served on a common plate. They will be a nice addition to tea or coffee.

Recipe 1. Fried Apple Pie “Home-style”



• one egg;

• three spoons of art. sour cream and sugar;

• 0.3 kg sifted flour;

• one spoon of Art. vegetable oil + for frying;

• at the tip of the knife - soda and salt.


• three or four apples;

• one item each spoon of sugar and butter;

• cinnamon.

Cooking Method: Prepare a deep bowl and drive an egg into it. Arm with a whisk or fork and lightly beat the yolk and white.

Here we add sour cream. Pour sugar, a little soda and salt. Pour in the oil.

Gently stirring, pour a thin stream of flour.

It turns out thin and elastic dough. When it is already easily behind the hands and the cutting board - it means to knead it enough.

Cover the finished dough with a film and set aside for half an hour.

Pure fruits free from the skin. Remove the core and cut into small cubes (1.5 cm).

Fry the apple pieces for about three minutes in butter. Before cooking, pour fruit with sweet ingredient and cinnamon. All mix.

Apple stuffing is cooled to room temperature.

Roll out the dough sausage, cut into slices.

Using a rolling pin, flatten each piece into a tortilla.

In its middle lay out the filling and tightly connect the edges of the dough. It burns easily, so fry the patties on medium heat with a significant amount of vegetable oil. When the dish turns red - you can shoot.

When frying the dish is turned over several times so that it is cooked evenly.

Pies with apples can be sprinkled with a little bit of icing sugar.

Recipe 2. Fried Apple Pie “Curd”


• 0.25 kg of cottage cheese;

• one egg;

• 0.3 kg flour;

• powdered sugar - 0.1 kg;

• 0.15 kg of granulated sugar;

• five apples;

• cinnamon - one spoon wh ..

Cooking Method:

Cottage cheese is placed in a wide bowl, add the egg, a little later, sugar and mash well.

Gradually add flour, previously sifted, and knead the dough out of the curd.

Cover with a clean kitchen towel and set aside for the preparation of the filling.

Fruit clean and remove the core. Cut into small pieces. Pour onto a heated frying pan, add powdered sugar and simmer a little. We shift the filling on a platter, add cinnamon and stir.

Roll the dough into rolls, divide into pieces.

Splash in circles and fill with filling.

We form pies of a favorite form.

In the pan pour a lot of oil. Fry the pies in deep fat. Do not forget to turn.

We spread paper napkins or towels on the working surface. We spread on them pies.

When the fat is gone, the food can be moved to a plate or in a basket.

Recipe 3. Fried Apple Pie “Magic”



• 80 ml of water;

• egg;

• 0.15 kg of chilled butter;

• 0.3 kg flour;

• salt - 1/2 tsp spoon;

• one spoonful of sugar;

• half table spoon of vinegar (6%).


• three apples;

• two spoons of art. Sahara;

• half a lemon;

• starch - one spoon h .;

• half liter cinnamon

Cooking Method:

Pour salt and sugar in a bowl with water. Add vinegar and drive an egg. All carefully stir.

Pour the sifted flour in another bowl. Here we rub a piece of butter. Constantly mix it with flour. We do this quickly so that the oil does not melt.

Pour the egg mixture into the flour. Knead the dough for two minutes (no longer needed).

Wrap the semi-finished product in the film and send it to the fridge to cool it.

Cut the apples, as in the previous recipes, and shift them into the dipper.

Squeeze the juice from the lemon on the fruit.

Add sugar, stir and turn on the fire.

Boil apples for about five minutes so that they become soft.

Constantly stir until sugar dissolves and syrup appears.

Starch diluted with water, stir and pour into apples. Stew for no more than a minute and remove the dipper from the heat.

In the hot stuffing add cinnamon and mix everything again.

We expose the dough from the refrigerator. Armed with a rolling pin and roll it out with a thin layer. Cut the dough into rectangles. Place the stuffing on one side, cover the second with the pie. The edges are tipped with a fork.

We send blanks of pies in the freezer to freeze.

Pour a lot of oil on the pan and heat it up a lot. Fry frozen pies in deep fat. They must float in oil.

When all sides of the pies become golden, unload the dish on a paper napkin.

Recipe 4. Fried Apple Pies on Kefir


• 0.25 l kefir fatter;

• 50 ml sour cream 20%;

• 0.4 kg of flour;

• half liter soda;

• one spoonful of salt;

• one spoon of Art. sugar sand;

• egg;

• vegetable oil - two spoons of st.


• four apples;

• one and a half spoons of Art. sugar and butter;

• cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

Fill kefir in a small jug. Add sour cream and mix. Heat two or three minutes on low heat to a temperature of 36-37 degrees.

In the warm mixture, add salt and sugar. Then put the egg yolk and vegetable oil.

Portions add half of the flour and add soda. Constantly mix the ingredients.

Add the remaining flour and finish the batch.

Grease a deep bowl with vegetable oil and put the dough in it. Cover with foil or towel and leave for 15 minutes.

The filling is prepared in the manner described in the first recipe.

From dough squeeze balls and roll them into cakes. Place in the middle the filling and form a pie.

Fry in vegetable oil with seam down for three minutes on each side.

Excess fat is removed with a paper towel.

Recipe 5. Fried Apple Pie with Wine


• 0.4 kg of flour;

• 0.1 kg butter;

• 0.15 ml of white wine (dry);

• four spoons of art. Sahara;

• three apples;

• one article l starch;

• half liter salt.

Cooking Method: Put a piece of butter in a bowl and melt it in a microwave or in a water bath.

Add half the sweet ingredient and salt.

Pour in the wine, mix everything carefully and thoroughly.

We introduce gradually the flour, not forgetting to sift it before.

Knead dough homogeneous. We roll it into a ball, wrap it in film and send it for an hour in the fridge.

We clean the apples from the inner seed box and peel.

Grind fruit with a grater.

Mix with two tablespoons of sugar and set aside for forty minutes. Then pour the juice out and sprinkle with starch. After mixing the apple mass, we get the finished filling.

Unload the dough out of the fridge and divide it into pieces.

Roll out cakes. Put on the middle stuffing. Gently fasten the edges of the future patty.

Fry in the usual way.

Recipe 6. Fried Apple Pie with Raisins


• half a kilo of puff pastry;

• three apples;

• 50 gr. raisins;

• two spoons of art. Sahara;

• cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

Pull the dough out of the freezer in advance so that it softens.

We wash the raisins, fill it with hot water and leave for a few minutes.

We clean the apples in the usual way. Cut the fruit into small slices. Pour sugar and mix.

Swollen raisins are dried and added to the apple mixture.

Fold the dough, roll out and cut into squares. Fill its center with a filling, fix the edges and sculpt the future pie of your favorite shape.

We send the blanks to the heated and filled with oil pan.

Fry in the usual way.

Sprinkle the cakes with cinnamon.

Recipe 7. Fried patties with apples and pears



• three and a half cups of flour;

• a glass of sugar;

• butter - 200 grams;

• two eggs.


• 400 gr. apples and pears; • two spoons of art. Sahara;

• half tea l. vanilla;

• three Art. spoons of crushed nuts (walnuts).

Cooking Method:

Knead the dough from the above ingredients. Leave him down for twenty minutes.

Pears and apples cleaned and cut into small pieces.

Pour the fruit with sugar, add vanilla and nuts.

Divide the dough into pieces and roll each into a cake.

Fill with fruit and make pies. Especially carefully close the seam.

We fry patties on average on both sides.

Finished products put on a bowl with a paper towel. There should be no fat on the surface of fried pies with apples and pears.

Fried Apple Pies - Tricks and Useful Tips

  • Pies will be especially soft if you add sour cream to the dough.
  • To prevent the dough from being torn, in the process of kneading it is worth pouring some vegetable oil.
  • Pieces of apples should not be fried for more than three minutes, otherwise they will turn into porridge.
  • The dough on kefir should stand in the refrigerator for at least twenty minutes. Then it will not be felt soda flavor.
  • The filling is placed in the middle of the cake so that it takes up no more than a third of the area.
  • When we close the pies with our hands, we dip our fingers with flour.
  • If you first put the patties on the pan seam down, then they will keep the shape well.
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