Folk cake "Zebra" on sour cream is a delicious striped dessert. Recipes cake "Zebra" on sour cream: the choice of taste and technology is yours!

Folk cake

Admired to many residents of the post-Soviet space, this striped dessert did not have time to enter textbooks for students and students of public catering establishments with accompanying instructions regarding the exact technology of its preparation, based on scientifically developed standards.

Therefore, the recipe of this cake “went to the people” and gained not only his love, but also many variations of its preparation.

Zebra cake on sour cream - general technological principles

Some housewives, seeing a beautiful cake somewhere at a party, at a friendly tea party, or even in some small cafe that had thoroughly prepared for the beginning of the next holiday season, returned home and, trying to reproduce the original dessert, ended up with a completely striped structure. new taste. But these new versions turned out no worse, and sometimes even better than in the original recipe. Therefore, they happily settled down in home kitchens, which was largely contributed by the fact that the sweet tooth with the taste of the original recipe was not universally familiar.

Some connoisseurs of sweets claim that the basis of the cake dough is a sour cream recipe. But no one can confirm this fact with certainty. Of sour cream, what kind of fat should you make “Zebra”? There is no such specific indication. Meanwhile, it depends on the fat content in sour cream, whether the cake will be crumbly, similar to sand cake, or rather, the dough will be filling and resemble a biscuit in texture.

The bicolor, striped texture of the pastry has also been achieved in various ways. Not possessing enough knowledge in the field of cooking, but with great enthusiasm trying to make a new and delicious cake, the hostesses often baked the cake in a separate way, from dough, light and cocoa-tinted powder, combining the cakes of two colors into one whole product, alternately, using a cream . Cake “Zebra”, thus, resembles in these cases multi-layered cakes “Napoleon”, “Honey cake” - with the same two-layer structure, combined with cream, but with a different composition and method of preparation.

The bulk cake “Zebra” is not collected from individual cakes of different colors, and from a rather liquid two-color dough is baked together, in one form. True, the use of cream in this case is limited to smearing the surface of the cake, or in general, instead of cream the cake is covered with icing. This option looks more like a cake, not a cake.

The baking technology of the cake “Zebra”, without cream, consists of the following steps:

From flour, sugar, eggs, sour cream and butter, with the addition of baking powder or other types baking powder, the filling dough is prepared.

The entire dough volume is divided into two halves, in one of which cocoa powder, grated or melted chocolate, or other fillers are added, providing not only the taste, but also creating a contrasting color of one of the parts of the dough, in relation to the other.

In the prepared form of two containers, the dough is alternately poured, which spreads over the entire surface of the mold, not mixing.

After baking, the dough poured in this way forms a striped pattern in the finished product. Sometimes, when casting, to get a different pattern, the dough draws stripes in different directions.

Variations on the theme “Cream” for the cake “Zebra” also exist for more than a dozen, not counting those in which the cream consists of the same ingredients, but in different quantities.

In addition to traditional pastries in the oven, the Zebra cake is now baked even in a multicooker, bread maker or in a conventional frying pan on the stove.

What technology cake should be considered correct, it is impossible to establish exactly. But, if the favorite desserts, besides the titles, were given the title, then, of course, the recipe of this dessert would get the title of the “national cake of the CIS countries”.

Cook the cake "Zebra" as you see fit. After all, the point is not in technology, but in taste.

Recipe for cake “Zebra” on sour cream with berry layer

Constituent products:

Bilberry or currant 200 g

Vanilla powder

Flour 650 g

Sugar 250 g

Cocoa 70g

Baking powder 40 g

Creamy butter, 100 g

Sour cream, non-fat 800 ml

Cream (pastry) 150 ml

Chocolate (black) 200 g


Blueberries or currants are washed under running water, leave to dry.

Sift flour and baking powder to enrich with oxygen, also more thoroughly combining with baking powder. Wipe the flour with softened butter, and then add vanilla, sour cream (400 ml), sugar (125 g). Combine one of the parts of the dough with cocoa and stir until smooth.

In the prepared form, alternately add (in the center) one tablespoon of dough. When placed in the form of half the dough of the total mass, distribute the berries, and then continue until the end to add the dough one by one. Bake the cake at a temperature of 140 - 150 ° C, in a preheated oven, until tender.

In a warm cream, melt the chocolate, whisk and cool in the refrigerator for about an hour. Whip 2 cups sour cream with the remaining sugar and vanilla, then continue to beat, combining with chilled cream and chocolate.

Recipe for “Zebra” cake on sour cream - a masterpiece from the time of perestroika

If someone remembers the events of the not very distant past, then he will easily prepare a cake from a semi-finished product in a briquette - custard. This cream is also available now in powder form, in bags. In a semi-finished product is added a minimum of ingredients. Then baked "Zebra", like pancakes - in a frying pan. Although it was possible to bake in the oven. For baking cakes in a pan, prepare vegetable oil and silicone brush to coat the surface before pouring each portion of dough.


Cocoa 50 g

Custard (dry powder) 720 g

Low-fat sour cream, liquid (or kefir, or milk) 600 ml

Flour 250 g

Baking powder (or soda with vinegar) 4 tsp.

Sugar 150 - 200 g Nuts, chopped 300 g


Sour cream (20%) 900 g

Sugar 150 g

Milk 200 ml

Potato starch 25 g



From the listed ingredients prepare batter, as on pancakes. Divide it in half, add cocoa powder in one part and bake cakes, pouring a thin layer on a baking sheet or pan.

Sour cream, combine with milk jelly, boiled from milk and starch, and sugar. Add vanilla and whisk.

Put the cooled cakes together, alternating a dark “pancake” with a light one, and coat each next layer with sour cream, sprinkle with crushed nuts. Also decorate the top with nut crumb.

Recipe for “Zebra” cake on sour cream with curd and condensed milk

Constituent products:

Cottage cheese 1 kg

Milk, condensed 100-120 ml

Gelatin 15 g

Ice cream, coffee 1 kg

Milk 100 ml

Biscuits, shortbread (crushed to crumb) 300 g

Sour cream 500 ml

Sugar 2 tbsp.


Condensed milk mixed with crumb biscuits and tightly pressed with a spoon or spatula, distribute this mass at the bottom, in a detachable form.

Blender smash together with sour cream, sugar and cottage cheese. Then add melted gelatin, combined with milk.

At the length of the pastry bag, in two layers, in parallel, fill with ice cream and cottage cheese soufflé, squeezing through a large nozzle “star” from the edge to the center, in a spiral. Leave to freeze for a couple of hours.

Remove from the mold and, if desired, decorate with almond flakes and whipped cream.

Recipe for cake “Zebra” on sour cream with sweets “Belochka”

Ingredient list:

Butter 100 -120 g

Eggs 4 pcs.

Sugar 250 g

Flour 400 g

Sour cream, low-fat (15%) 200 ml

Ammonium 20 g

Vanilla 5-7 g


Sweets “Squirrel” (or “Truffle”)

Butter, soft, creamy 220 g

Condensed milk 150 g


Beat eggs with sugar, add slices of softened butter, continue beating, then pour in sour cream. Sift flour and combine with vanilla and ammonium. In the liquid part of the dough, add the flour mixture in small parts, stirring the dough with a spatula. Bake 8-10 thin cakes and cool them. Chop candies into powder. Whip condensed milk with butter and mix the resulting butter cream with chocolate crumb.

Combine the finished cakes, smearing them with chocolate-butter cream.

Recipe for “Zebra” cake on sour cream with butter cream and “Mascarpone”


For test:

Take the ingredients listed in the recipe number 4, and, in addition, add cocoa (70 - 100 g).

For cream:

300 g of whipped, heavy cream

250 g sugar or powder

400 g Mascarpone



Prepare the dough, after adding to the flour mixture of cocoa. In the same way as detailed in the previous recipe, bake cakes, brown. Pound vanilla and sugar with “Mascarpone”, smash the cheese with a blender. Then gently mix the whipped cream with the cheese paste and collect the cake, greasing the brown cakes with white cream. Decorate the surface of the cake with whipped cream and, using a stencil, apply a cocoa pattern on the cake through a sieve.

Recipe for “Zebra” cake on sour cream with chocolate and cream


Cocoa 60 g

Sugar 150 g

Flour 500 g

Egg 3 pcs.

Oil (82.5%) 150 g

Sour cream (non-fat) 400 ml

Ammonium 25 g


Whipped cream 400 g

Melted black chocolate 200 g

Cooking Technology:

Combine soft butter with sugar, add to it, beaten in foam, eggs and sour cream. Stir the sifted flour with vanilla and ammonium. Divide the dough and bake the cake, as described above, in general technological principles.

Cut the cooled cake into 3 pieces. Pour in the cream, thinly, trickle melted chocolate. And gently stir the cream, not up to the end, keeping the marble pattern. Combine cakes cream and chocolate cream.

Recipe for “Zebra” cake on sour cream, biscuit

Ingredients Required:

Agar Agar 25g

Sour cream 1.2 kg

Biscuit cake (chocolate) 1 pc.

Cocoa 100 g

Sugar 2 tbsp.

Milk 300 g


Chocolate 100 g

Cooking Technique:

You need to work very quickly and accurately. In a detachable form lay out a biscuit. Milk bring to a boil with sugar and agar-agar, add vanillin. Wait until the temperature of the heated milk drops to 50 - 60 ° C (so that the sour cream does not coagulate due to the high temperature, but the agar-agar does not freeze ahead of time), then quickly add to the sour cream in a tablespoon and beat at high speed. From the resulting mass to separate the third part, to which we add cocoa. Using a mixer, beat this part until a homogeneous consistency. From the white mass pour half on the biscuit, then - the dough with cocoa, and again the rest, without cocoa. The souffle should turn out in three tiers on top of the biscuit: between two white layers - one brown.

Decorate with cornettik, melted, warm chocolate.

Cake “Zebra” on sour cream - useful tips and tricks

  • When added to cocoa dough, reduce the amount of flour by the amount of powder you add to the flour. Cocoa has a very low moisture percentage and dries the dough.
  • Covering the surface of the cake with icing, sprinkle the applied top layer of cream with starch so that the icing does not drain off the cake.
  • When making the batter for baking cakes in a pan, pour a little vegetable oil into it so that the cake does not burn and is easily removed from the pan. In addition, you will not have to grease the hot pan separately, after baking each cake. This technique is similar to baking thin pancakes.
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