Meat Okroshka - proper nutrition for the summer season! Recipes, secrets and subtleties of okroshka with meat

Meat Okroshka - proper nutrition for the summer season! Recipes, secrets and subtleties of okroshka with meat

Meat okroshka from childhood has settled in our hearts. Hearing this pleasant word, we seem to be moving into the world of spring and warmth, fresh vegetables and good mood, summer sunlight and summer holiday in the circle of loved ones. Okroshka with meat perfectly diversifies the menu of cold dishes for the summer.

“Okroshechnoe aggravation” falls, as a rule, for the spring-summer period. This soup fills well, but at the same time gives an incredible feeling of lightness and cooling.

Okroshka is derived from the word “crumb”, that is, the basis of this simple dish is the cutting of ingredients. Okroshka are fish and vegetable, and meat. Gas stations also differ in their diversity: bread kvass, broth, kefir, acetic or lemon water, yoghurt, soda, and even beer. Today we will share with you recipes okroshka with meat.

General Principles of Cooking Meat Okroshka

• Okroshka is a cold assorted and filled. Synthesis of boiled meat, eggs, fragrant greens and fresh vegetables. As a rule, okroshka does not create boundaries in cooking and completely allows improvisation. The philosophy is simple: mix everything you want, and fill with bread kvass.

• Meat to the vegetable component of okroshka is selected in a ratio of 1: 1. It is advisable to choose meat products of low-fat varieties, lean pork, veal or chicken fillet is best suited.

• Pay special attention to the selection of ingredients. Meat and vegetables should be fresh and high quality.

• The taste of food directly depends on kvass. For okroshka best suited not strongly carbonated kvass natural fermentation. If you can not cook it at home, buy draft kvass in barrels.

• Cold soup is served, usually with sour cream. Decorated with fresh herbs (parsley, dill, fresh green onions) and half a quail egg.

Traditional Russian meat okroshka


• lean pork - 500 g;

• onion;

• eggs - 5 pieces;

• mustard - 1.5 tsp;

• sour cream;

• kvass - 1, 5 l;

• horseradish (to taste);

• 3 tbsp. spoons of cucumber pickle;

• radish - 5 pieces;

• fresh cucumbers - 2 pieces;

• two medium-sized pickles.

Cooking Method:

1. Boiled pork to be divided by hands into small pieces.

2. Grind boiled hard-boiled eggs, onions, fresh and pickled cucumbers, radishes. When slicing, pay attention that all ingredients are the same size.

3. Refill for traditional okroshka as follows: rub egg yolks together with horseradish, green onions and mustard with a spoon. Fill with cucumber brine, salt and pepper. You can add other spices to taste.

4. Fill the mixture with dressing and let it brew for an hour so that the okroshka becomes more juicy and appetizing.

5. Pour the finished okroshka with bread kvass and serve with sour cream of a small percentage of fat. The plate can be decorated with halves of quail eggs.

Okroshka meat “Combined”


• two fresh cucumbers;

• potatoes - 3 pieces;

• bow;

• turkey breast - 200 g;

• beef - 200 g;

• eggs;

• green onions;

• parsley;

• dill;

• kvass - 1 l;

• mustard;

• sour cream;

• dried tarragon - half a teaspoon;

• black pepper - to taste;

• salted mushrooms;

• pickles.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil the turkey and beef and cool, cut into cubes. Fresh cucumbers cut into cubes. Boil potatoes in uniform, cool, peel and cut into squares. Onions pound grated.

2. Dressing for okroshka is simple: add spicy mustard, dried tarragon and black pepper to kvass. Mix well and pour the sliced ​​ingredients into the liquid. Leave to soak for half an hour. Dried tarragon is an important spicy additive that gives spicy tart taste to okroshka and a more pronounced flavor. No wonder that tarragon is one of the important components of Arabic cuisine since the eighth century. 3. Salted mushrooms and pickled cucumbers cut into cubes, chop boiled eggs and green onions. Finely chop fresh greens.

4. After 30 minutes, mix all the chopped ingredients with dressing and pour kvass. Mix well and serve with sour cream. You can pour kvass into a separate decanter so that a person can settle its amount on a plate, or perhaps not add at all, since many people like to eat okroshka as a spring light salad.

Meat Okroshka with spicy sauce


• potatoes - 50 g;

• cucumbers - 70 g;

• veal - 30 g;

• chicken fillet - 20 g;

• doctor sausage - 30 g;

• radish - 25 g;

• quail eggs - 3 pieces;

• celery - 20 g;

• green onions - 10 g;

• 5 g of dill;

• kvass - 250 ml.

The proportions in this recipe are given exactly for one person, therefore, having increased them one or several times, you will be able to feed all of your household.

Cooking Method:

1. Pre-boiled potatoes are cut into thin strips, which are then divided into cubes. We cut cucumbers in the same way as potatoes. We grind boiled meat of veal and chicken. Radish chop thin strips and place in a glass of water. Being in water, the radish will lose excessive bitterness. But there is another alternative method: salt each piece of radish, so that the salt played the role of the so-called “sponge”.

2. Cut the sausage into cubes. Quail eggs are divided into two halves.

3. We prepare the sauce for okroshka according to an old recipe: put two yolks in a bowl, add salt and pepper to taste. Fill with olive oil and mix. Add mustard. Refueling is ready and sent to okroshka.

4. We spread okroshechnoe platter on deep plates, pour kvass.

Okroshka with beef tongue


• chicken fillet - 200 g;

• beef tongue - 200 g;

• fresh cucumbers - 4 pieces;

• two medium onions; • salt pepper;

• kvass - 2 liters;

• dill - 100 g.

Cooking Method:

1. Put the chicken fillet into a saucepan with boiling water, salt, cook on moderate heat until cooked (15-20 minutes).

2. Beef tongue dipped in boiling water and cook over moderate heat for 30-40 minutes. Immersion of meat in hot water will make the delicacy texture softer, juicy and tender. Check whether he is ready, you can: pushing on the meat with a fork, should stand out clear juice. After that, hold the tongue in cold water so that its skin is easily removed. Peeled tongue cut into slices.

3. Peel cucumbers, cut into slices. Fill with kvass and leave in the fridge for half an hour. After 30 minutes, lay out the chopped dill.

Okroshka in meat broth


• 3 eggs;

• 2 potatoes;

• bunch of green onions;

• onion;

• cucumbers;

• dill, parsley;

• chicken fillet;

• smoked sausage;

• mayonnaise - 3 tbsp. spoons;

• sour cream - 4 tbsp. spoons.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour chicken fillet with cold water, set on gas, add half a teaspoon of salt. Salt is necessary so that the broth is clear and the froth comes to the top. Broth leave to cool, subsequently we pour them our okroshka.

2. Grate the cucumbers. Hard boiled eggs, cut into. Grind onions and green onions. Boiled potatoes (you can in the uniform) cut into cubes, do the same with smoked sausage.

3. Squeeze out mayonnaise and sour cream. Best of all, they are homemade.

4. Add the broth to okroshka. Stir the assorted. It turned out nourishing and not fatty meat okroshka.

Meat Okroshka


• beef - 200 g;

• fresh cucumbers - 3 pieces;

• horseradish;

• mustard;

• radish - 5 pieces;

• two eggs.

Cooking Method:

1. Fill the meat with hot water and leave to cook until ready. After it has boiled, do not take out of the broth immediately, let it cool in it, then it will give the soup a juicier taste. 2. Boil hard boiled eggs. We clean the shell, rub on a grater and add to the rest of the ingredients.

3. Peel the potatoes, cut them into plates, then with blocks and, finally, into cubes. Sent into the water and leave to cook.

4. As a rule, mustard and horseradish are not mixed, but in this recipe this bold combination gives a pleasant spiciness and piquancy. Add mustard to the yolks, season with a pinch of salt. Carefully rub with a spoon or fork. To level the sensations of kvass sweetness, add horseradish to this mass and continue grinding. Leave for 15 minutes, then pour the kvass and whisk until foam is formed.

5. Finely chop the dill and add it to the dressing. Pour a little kvass to mix the mass was uniform. Whisk continue to mix.

6. We do not clean the radish, its bright color will give okroshka an attractive appearance. Cut radishes into thin strips and send them to the dressing.

7. Chop and pickle fresh cucumbers.

8. Combine vegetables, meat, gas station and kvass. Okroshka ready!

Meat okroshka on mineral water


• two chicken eggs;

• 200 g veal;

• three fresh cucumbers;

• potatoes - 4 pieces;

• radish;

• 1 teaspoon of vinegar.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil eggs, cool in cold water, peel off the shells and chop finely.

2. Boiled meat veal disassemble into small pieces with your hands or a knife. It is better to do it with your hands so that the tender structure of the meat is not damaged.

3. Sour cream mixed with mustard and vinegar - dressing ready. Adjust the amount of vinegar yourself depending on what kind of okroshka taste you want.

4. Add mineral water and stir okroshka.

Tips and Tricks

• It is believed that a combination of onions and salt will give okroshka juiciness. Never rub the onion with salt, as the onion gives off all its bitterness, and okroshka becomes excessively sour. • By adding vinegar to the pan with the potatoes, the potatoes will remain whole, but they will cook a little longer. Otherwise, the potato turns gruel.

• Okroshka must be necessarily chilled, a warm mixture of vegetables and meat is unlikely to have an invigorating and refreshing effect.

• Pounded egg yolks, mustard, salt and sugar - such a dressing will surely brighten up the taste of okroshka.

• All ingredients must be cut equally. So it is easier to use okroshka, and the eye is more pleasant.

• To okroshka gave juice and become more fragrant, radish and fresh cucumbers need to be grated on a coarse grater.

• If the hungry guests arrived, and you just finished cutting okroshka and did not have time to cool it, do not be discouraged. Add food ice cubes to each portion plate.

Summer is a great time for culinary improvisations and gastronomic creations! While the fire is on fire, kebabs are pickled, vegetables and fruits are cut, you can invite your friends to fortify yourself with a delicious cold soup. From this, hardly anyone can resist!

Meat okroshka is famous for its tonic properties and qualities useful for the vital activity of the organism. Combine and try different combinations of products in okroshka, and it will definitely suit your taste!

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