Mistresses prefer to make salted cucumbers in the pan! Recipes of salted cucumbers in the pan and dishes with their participation

Mistresses prefer to make salted cucumbers in the pan! Recipes of salted cucumbers in the pan and dishes with their participation

Salted cucumbers in the pan - general principles of cooking

The period of cooking salted cucumbers in the pan mainly falls on the middle of summer.

For salting, hard and small pimply vegetables are suitable. It is desirable that they are the same size. So cucumbers are better salt.

It will take: the cucumbers themselves, greenfinchs (dill - umbrellas, parsley, cilantro), pepper (black and red, allspice), leaves and horseradish rhizome, garlic cloves.

If the prepared cucumbers are put into a cold pickle, then they will have to be tried after three days.

The cucumbers filled with hot brine can be tasted as early as the next day.

It is recommended to pour cucumbers in front of the ambassador for a couple of hours with water, preferably spring water, then they turn out more crispy.

1. Salted cucumbers in the pot (ordinary)

Ingredients Required:

• Water (distilled), 1 l;

• Salt, two tablespoons (preferably large) / (not iodized);

• Cucumbers small;

• Seasoning / Greens / fresh;

• Pepper red bitter;

• Horseradish;

• Garlic.

Method of preparation

Cut the tips of cucumbers. Garlic and horseradish (rhizome) need to be cleaned, rather small to cut, just cut the fennel sprigs and pods of bitter pepper, now you need to stir them and put them in a pan in layers, into a saucepan for salting, first put the cucumbers, then spices, and then take turns don't run out of ingredients. The next step will be the choice of cold or hot brine and pouring them products. On cucumbers you need to put the leaves of horseradish so that they cover them completely. Put a plate and a load on top of the cucumbers so that they do not float on the surface, leave to salted until ready.

2. Salted cucumbers in a pan (with apples)

Ingredients Required:

• Black pepper, ten peas;

• Black currant, eight leaves;

• Cherries, leaves 2-3;

• Apples green, 2 pcs .;

• Cucumbers smaller, 1 kilo;

• Dill, 1 bunch;

• Parsley, 1 bunch;

• Garlic, 1 head;

• Brine (two tablespoons of rock salt per liter of water).

Method of preparation

It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the greenfinch, cucumbers and apples, peel the garlic cloves, separating them from the stem and husk, peel the cucumbers, cut away what is not needed, cut the apples into four parts, and you do not need to remove the seeds. We put cucumbers and apples in the pan, we shift them with greenfinch and garlic, cherry and currant leaves, adding pepper peas.

Next, do the brine: it is necessary to boil the water, adding salt, stir. Then just add the prepared brine to the pan, and leave to cool. Cooled cucumbers with apples in a saucepan can be tasted after 5 hours, and you can leave to salt out thoroughly for another day.

Salted cucumbers in a saucepan should be salted at a temperature not lower than room temperature.

3. Spicy and spicy salted cucumbers in the pan

Ingredients Required:

• Cucumbers, 2 kg;

• Garlic, 2 slices;

• Pepper, 1 hot red;

• Thyme, 50 grams;

• Tarragon, 50 grams;

• Dill, 50 grams;

• Horseradish, 10 grams;

• Salt, 40 grams.

Method of preparation

We clean the garlic cloves, chop, wash the herbs (thyme, tarragon, dill), pepper and cucumbers. It is necessary to let the water drip off, cut the spicy pods of pepper and place the cucumbers and the rest in a saucepan for salting. Prepare the pickle, put salt in the water for this, then pour the ingredients in a saucepan with hot or cold pickle and leave to marinate until cooked.

4. Lightly salted cucumbers in a pan (mineral water)


• Fresh cucumbers not large, 1 kg; • Water (mineral), 1 l;

• Salt, three tablespoons;

• Garlic, four slices;

• Hot peppers, 2 pods;

• Dill, 1 bunch.

Method of preparation

Dissolve salt in mineral water. My cucumbers, pruning tips, dill can be torn off by hand, we cut the garlic into plastics, we cut the pepper finely, without taking out the seeds.

Next, put cucumbers, slices of pepper and garlic with dill sprigs between them into the pan. All this is filled with salted mineral water. Now it is necessary to put the pot in a cold place for a day, during this time, salted cucumbers in the pan will “ripen”.

5. Salted cucumbers in a spicy pan

Ingredients Required:

• Cucumbers, 2 kg;

• Horseradish, leaves 5-10;

• Dill, inflorescence 5-10;

• Pepper black peas, half a teaspoon;

• Allspice, 10 peas;

• Lavrushka, 5 pcs .;

• Carnation, 3-5 pcs .;

• Mustard, half a teaspoon;

• Water, 2 l;

• Salt (large), 4 tbsp. l

Method of preparation

Need to sort and wash cucumbers, horseradish leaves and inflorescences of dill. Prepare the pan, put dill and horseradish leaves on the bottom. Sprinkle with black and fragrant pepper, cloves, add bay leaf and mustard. Then lay out the cucumbers.

Add water to a separate saucepan and dissolve salt in it, put on gas and bring to a boil, pour boiling cucumbers with boiling salted water. Now you need to cover the cucumbers with a plate of smaller diameter than the pan, and then with the lid and leave to cool. Then six or eight hours - this should all be salted at room temperature. In the end, salted cucumbers in a saucepan should be refrigerated for a couple of hours, and only then served on the table.

6. Appetizer of fried salted cucumbers

Ingredients Required:

• Lightly salted cucumbers, 1kg;

• Carrot, 0.5 kg;

• Garlic, 1 head;

• Mayonnaise, 200 grams;

• Vegetable oil (any).

Method of preparation Lightly salted cucumbers need to be grated on a coarse grater, fry in vegetable oil, until the juice disappears and the cucumbers get a golden crust.

The next stage is carrot, it needs to be grated on a smaller grater than cucumbers and fry too.

Mix carrots and cucumbers and add finely chopped garlic and mayonnaise.

We give to cool and insist cooked dish, which can be served on the table with rye bread or pita bread.

7. Fried potatoes with lightly salted cucumbers

Ingredients Required:

• Potatoes, 1 kg;

• Cucumbers salted, pound;

• Vegetable oil;

• Salt (to taste);

• Flour, 50 grams.

Method of preparation

Potatoes and cucumbers must be cut into slices, potatoes fry in butter. Circles of lightly salted cucumbers must first be dipped in butter, then rolled in flour and only then fry. It remains only to put all the ingredients on the dish: put potatoes in the middle, and cucumbers on the sides, sprinkle with greens and serve.

8. Chicken fillet with salted cucumber sauce

Ingredients Required:

• Cucumbers lightly salted, 5 pieces;

• Chicken fillet, 1 kg;

• Egg, 2 pcs .;

• Flour, 1 cup;

• Ground black pepper, 50 grams;

• Butter, two tablespoons;

• Onion, 1 pc .;

• Beam is green, 1 bunch;

• Parsley, a little (to taste);

• Thyme, 20 grams;

• Pickle from cucumbers, 1 cup.

Method of preparation

Chicken fillet cut in half, so that you get 8 pieces. Salt, pepper, roll in flour. In a heated frying pan in butter fry the chicken pieces until golden brown. Then put the pieces on the dish. In the remaining oil, you need to fry the onion, salt, add thyme, fry a little more, and pour half a glass of pickle there, cook a little. Meanwhile, in a separate platter, you need to mix the chopped cucumbers, green onions and parsley and pour everything into a frying pan, bring to a boil, remove the fire, and leave to slow until thick. After the sauce has a thick consistency, add the fried pieces of chicken fillet to the sauce and cook for another 5 minutes on low heat.

9. Salad of salted cucumbers with chicken

Ingredients Required:

• Chicken fillet / Chicken breast, 2 pcs .;

• Cucumbers lightly salted, 6 pcs .;

• Red onion, 1 pc .;

• Cheese, hard (any) 200 grams;

• Eggs, 6 pcs .;

• Mayonnaise

Method of preparation

Boil eggs and chicken breast, finely chop all the ingredients of the salad, and grate the cheese, add mayonnaise. All mix and can be served.

10. Salted cucumbers in garlic sauce

Ingredients Required:

• Cucumbers lightly salted, 4 pcs .;

• Onion, 1 pc .;

• Vinegar (to taste);

• Sugar, 1 tsp;

• Vegetable oil, 1 tbsp. l .;

• Sesame seeds, two tablespoons;

• Garlic, slices of two heads;

• Pepper red bitter ground, 20 grams.

Method of preparation

Cucumbers should be cut into small strips, onion into half rings. Add vinegar, sugar, pepper and finely chopped garlic, mix everything.

Heat the butter in a frying pan and fry the sesame in it. Pans the contents of the pans on peppered cucumbers, mix and leave for an hour and a half, when the dish cools down, you can serve.

Cooked salted cucumbers in the pan are not only a separate dish, but also a wonderful addition to other tasty and healthy snacks and sauces.

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