Salad with ham and cucumbers: recipes - varied, quick and tasty. New ideas light salads with ham and cucumbers

Salad with ham and cucumbers: recipes - varied, quick and tasty. New ideas light salads with ham and cucumbers

Humanity was somehow slightly delayed with the inventions of salad recipes.

Indeed, the Pythagorean theorem and Archimedes' law were discovered thousands of years ago, and such a simple, but vital invention as a salad for some reason remained almost unexplored until the eighteenth century, in the sense of the diversity of the ingredients that make it up.

For many centuries, salads were too dietary and monotonous, because they included only leafy vegetables and vinegar or wine dressings.

But now salads can be cut from all edible that there is in the kitchen and in the refrigerator.

Salad with ham and cucumbers - general technological principles

Despite the fact that the word “salatto” sounds frankly in Italian, and even remotely resembles ancient Latin, the French still succeeded in creating this dish. No one can calculate how many salad recipes exist in the world today. Moreover, their number is growing every day and hour.

Recently, they were only able to at least be classified.

Thus, these universal dishes according to the composition of ingredients are divided by type.

Vegetable salads also have differences in the way they prepare vegetables: raw vegetables, including leafy ones, as well as boiled or fried vegetable products

Fruit salads can sometimes include in the composition, in addition to berries and fruits, certain types of vegetables (carrots, ginger, zucchini). In addition, fruit salads are often made up of grocery and confectionery products.

Meat salads or from poultry;

Fish or seafood salads.

But this classification is very conditional, since there are already quite a few salads that have gained popularity, which include meat, fish, and vegetable ingredients. Basically, these recipes are popular in some Asian countries. It is also not quite correct to consider salads to be cold, a snack dish. Lately, warm salads, which are not only cooked using heat treatment, but also served hot or warm, are often in the field of view, and such salads sometimes resemble full-fledged main dishes.

Although salads were originally invented as a dish that preceded the main course, with the departure of the Middle Ages, the list of included ingredients began to expand rapidly. Now, in one salad there can be up to ten or more ingredients, including all sorts of flavoring additives. From the middle of the eighteenth century, when salads began to combine meat and fish dishes, they gradually moved to the menu and began to be served as separate dishes. For fruit salads in lunches and dinners a place in the dessert recess was allocated.

To specific recommendations for the preparation of salads can be attributed only three basic rules:

The first rule is the principle of product compatibility. This principle is not only to create a harmonious taste of the dish, but also accommodates some medical, dietary standards. The combination of salted fish with raw dairy product, for example, is unacceptable. Or a pear in its raw form can be eaten only some time after a meal, or shortly before lunch or dinner. Such nuances dictate certain conditions for the inclusion of specific products in the composition of the dish.

The second rule is salad dressing. Considering that salads are perishable dishes, and dressings, sauces, mayonnaise greatly contribute to the loss of quality, it is recommended:

First, cook immediately before use;

Secondly, fill, if possible (if allowed by technology) immediately before serving, separately for each serving, or serve the dressing on the table in a special dish.

Preparing salads for the future is impossible. Vegetable salads flow rather quickly and turn into an unpleasant slush, and meat or fish, which are usually seasoned with mayonnaise or milky cream sauces, are quickly colonized by colonies of harmful microorganisms that are harmful to health. The third rule is the design and presentation. No one will deny that an attractive kind of dish stimulates appetite. It is for this reason that in a salad it is very desirable to combine the ingredients not only by taste criteria, but also by the color of the ingredients. Bright, colorful combinations in the dish lift the mood, which, as already proved, improves digestion. For this purpose, apparently, cocktails salads, salad-cakes were invented.

What to cook salad? Examine your stocks and, for example, having found a couple of cucumbers and a piece of ham in the refrigerator, you can safely proceed to the preparation of salad. By the way, before the beginning of the Peter the Great, our ancestors prepared a salad from one cut ingredient - and all this was served to the royal table. If there is any additional “zest” for the two ingredients, you can assume that all chances of winning the competition of professional chefs are in your hands.

So let's get started?

Recipe 1. Salad with ham and cucumber "Polish"


• Spinach 200 g

• Fresh cucumbers 100 g

• Smoked ham 150 g

• Rye crackers (with garlic) 50 g

• Dill

• Sour cream 50 g


Spinach put in a colander, pour over boiling water, shake off the water well and tear. Fresh, young cucumbers, without grains, chop circles. Smoked ham cut into small cubes, the size of crackers. Add dill (finely chopped) and season with sour cream.

Recipe 2. Salad with ham and cucumbers, corn and potatoes


• Baked potatoes 200 g

• Mayonnaise

• Cucumber, salted 150 g

• Onion greens (shredded)

• Ham, smoked-boiled 250 g

• Lemon juice

• Corn (canned) 100 g


Sprinkle onion with lemon juice. Peel the potatoes. We cut all the ingredients into small cubes and put them together with mayonnaise.

Recipe 2. Layered salad with ham and cucumbers

Product Set: • Apples 100 g

• Cucumber, fresh 150 g

• Green onion, dill

• Cream 20% 50 ml

• Water with lemon juice (for apples)

• Ground pepper, black

• Cream cheese (pasta) 100 g

• Ham, smoked-boiled 250 g


Peeled apples cut into strips and temporarily stir in acidified water. Cucumbers, ham and onions, green, also cut into strips; sprinkle with lemon juice. Cheese smash blender, season with spices, chopped dill; Add the resulting paste in one spoon to the whipped cream (whip the cream with a mixer). On the dish, lay out the salad layers, promazyvaya creamy dressing, in the following order:

• Bow;

• Cucumber;

• Ham;

• An Apple.

Garnish the salad with vegetables and ham slices.

Recipe 4. Greek salad with ham and cucumbers

Composition of products:

• Smoked ham, chicken 500 g

• Tomato 300 g

• Olives or olives 140-150g

• Avocados 2-3 pcs.

• Pepper (lettuce, yellow) 350-400 g

• Fresh cucumber 250 g

• Basil, red (for registration)

• Mayonnaise 50-70 g


Remove the bone from the avocado and select the pulp with a spoon. Cut ham and vegetables into cubes, finely, add chopped avocado pulp and mayonnaise. Stuff the halves of prepared avocado and decorate with basil and olives (sliced).

Recipe 5. Cocktail salad with ham and cucumbers

Composition of products:

• Fried mushrooms 350 g

• Hard cheese 250 g

• Cucumbers, fresh 180 g

• Boiled eggs 4 pcs.

• Ham, smoked 0.5 kg

• Parsley (for registration)

• Potatoes in uniforms, baked 250-300 g

For refueling:

• Sour cream (15%) 75 g

• Garlic

• Mayonnaise (non-greasy) 100 g

• Pepper, ground, black


You will need high ice-cream bowls, on a short leg, since the cocktail salad in them should be laid in layers. Prepare a dressing first, so that it is more convenient to immediately draw out the salad in ice-cream bowls. Mix all the ingredients for refueling in a separate bowl, perebite them with a blender to a fluffy mass, with a homogeneous structure. The dressing should not be too thick, so that it flows freely and easily on each layer of lettuce. If you took a thick mayonnaise or sour cream, then dilute the sauce with a small amount of chilled, boiled water or lemon juice, if you need to add acid to the dressing. After that, start cutting the peeled and prepared products. For the salad we fry small mushrooms, so the ingredients are cut into strips of the same size as fried mushrooms. Cheese is better to grate large, and eggs are conveniently cut into very small cubes, because they are difficult to cut into straw so that they retain their shape.

Put the meat in the creamer and pour the whole contents with a small amount of sauce. On the meat lay out cucumbers, then - eggs, fried mushrooms, cheese. The last layer is potato. Once again, water the prepared salad with cooked dressing. Decorate with green leaves and serve the dish on a snack plate, covered with a napkin.

Recipe 6. Salad with ham and cucumbers “Stroganovsky”

Composition of products:

• Cooked ham 200 g

• Marinated mushrooms 150 g

• Pepper, salad (red) 150 g (net)

• Salad, chicorn - 20 leaves

• Onions, green (feather) 30-40 g

For the sauce:

• Fruit vinegar or lemon juice 40-50 ml

• Salt, sugar, spices

• Grated horseradish (root) 25 g

• Sour cream, low-fat 120 ml


Sprinkle sliced ​​ham with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Throw canned mushrooms through a metal sieve or colander and rinse a little, let the water drain well. For the salad, take small mushrooms, so as not to cut them. The prepared, meaty pepper and ham are cut into strips. If desired, a more spicy variety of peppers can be used, for example, “Ratunda”. Prepare a sauce of the above ingredients, before serving, season the salad with them and sprinkle with onions.

Recipe 7. Salad with ham and cucumbers “Original”


• Russian cheese 250 g

• Spiral paste 150 g

• Cabbage, Peking (or lettuce) 300 g

• Fresh cherry (seedless) 120 g

• Ham, dried 400 g

Sauce: mayonnaise, with nuts and garlic


You can use thawed cherries. Boil the "spirals" in salted water and lightly grease them with any oil; set aside for cooling. On the shredder rub the cheese slices. Ham and cabbage cut into strips. All components are mixed in a large bowl, trying not to break the pieces of cheese. Fill the mayonnaise, nuts, grind in a mortar with garlic and pepper. Serve salad dressing separately.

Recipe 8. Salad with ham and cucumbers “Andalusia”

Composition of products:

• Nuts, walnuts (or pistachios) 100 g

• Olives, green 200 g

• Dry-cured ham (or balyk) 400 g

• Leek 150g

• Oranges 250-300 g (net)

• Fresh cucumber 100 g

• Sesame, fried 50 g

• Arugula (for filing)

For the sauce:

• Sour cream and mayonnaise - 75 g each

• Wine, semi-dry, white 40 ml

• Fresh orange peel 15 g

• Juice, orange 30 ml

• Hot peppers


Dry the kernels of nuts so that the skin is separated from them, and a nutty aroma appears. Chop up the kernels, not too finely. Slice olives and leek. Remove the membrane from the orange slices and leave the slices intact. Cut meat into strips. Combine all the ingredients for the sauce and mix it all together with a blender. Pour over the prepared salad and gently mix it. When serving, garnish with arugula and sesame.

Recipe 9. Salad with ham and cucumbers asparagus


• Chicken ham, boiled 240 g

• Asparagus blanched 200 g

• Salted or pickled cucumbers 150 g

• Celery (stem) 80 g

• Olives or olives 80 g

• Boiled potatoes (in uniforms) 120 g

• Eggs, quail (boiled) 8 pcs.

• Iceberg lettuce"

• Mayonnaise, sour cream - 100 g (1: 1)

• Lemon juice (for sauce) 25 ml

• Pepper (ground), salt.


Blanch the slices of chopped asparagus, and lightly pour in the vegetable oil. Chop the celery stalk. Potatoes, ham and cucumbers cut into cubes. Cut pitted olives into rings, eggs in half. Wash the salad and tear it into large chunks. Combine sour cream with lemon juice and mayonnaise; season the sauce with spices and blend into a homogeneous mass in a blender. Serve the prepared salad in portions, seasoning it with sauce in each portion separately.

Recipe 10. Salad with ham and cucumbers - “Assorted” meat


• Ham 100 g

• Tongue, boiled (beef) 120 g • Chicken fillet, boiled 160 g

• Cucumber, salted 120-150 g

• Tomatoes (fresh) 150 g

• Olives (for serving)

• Apple, sweet and sour 250 g (net)

• Sweet, red, pepper (salad) 150 g (net)

• Greens of onion, dill, lettuce

• Oil dressing with white, dry wine and spices


Ready meat ingredients are cut into cubes. Peeled tomatoes, apples, onions and cucumbers are cut into thin half rings (slices). For this salad, choose fleshy and dense tomatoes, with low seed content, not very juicy. Otherwise, remove the core from the tomatoes before cutting. Dish or salad bowl, in which the salad will be served, decorate the leaves of curly lettuce, “Iceberg” or any large-leaved lettuce and put assorted on it. Sprinkle with chopped dill and shape the surface with sliced ​​olives. To fill the oil combine, preferably - olive, first pressing - and dry, white wine. Pour over the salad with the cooked sauce in the dish. You can additionally, in a saucepan, serve mayonnaise sauce with garlic, minced hot pepper and dill.

Recipe 11. Salad with ham and cucumbers “Tenderness” - the fastest and easiest recipe

This salad is easy to prepare in any season. The ratio of ingredients in it can be changed at the discretion, based on personal preferences for one or another product.


• Mayonnaise, low-fat 50 -70 g

• Cucumber 100 g

• Ham, boiled (sausage) 150 g

• Leek

• Hard cheese (any) 70-80 g


Fresh cucumbers and sausage cut arbitrarily - into cubes, straws or cubes. Cheese grate and chop the onion. It remains to fill the dish with mayonnaise and decorate it with chopped onions. You can add spices to mayonnaise if you want to make the dish slightly spicy, or sprinkle onions with lemon juice.

Salad with ham and cucumbers - tricks and useful tips

• If you are preparing a salad of fresh vegetables, pay attention to the variety and technical ripeness of the fruit. Too juicy cucumbers, tomatoes after cutting and filling quickly drain, which will affect the quality of the dish is not for the better. • When trying a new salad recipe, cook it in a small amount - if you don’t like it. It is also convenient to “test” new recipes when preparing a salad with a similar composition of ingredients. You just need to prepare a little more food - the time spent in the kitchen will pass quickly, and there will be two salads on the table instead of one.

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